Sunday, 3 February 2013

Big Catch Up....

Time to do a big catch up post - I have really meaning to blog more regularly but yet again I have been slack - I had a chance to talk to some fellow bloggers last week and it definitely seems to be Instagram which has contributed to myself and a lot of my favourites blogging less frequently.

It's a fab app, which I love and I have met lots of people on there, some of which have become firm friends. In fact a bunch of us met up last week at the lovely venue of Barnet Hill for a whole day of crafting:

We were in the library, the door at the end....

Although only a few of us had met before we all got on swimmingly and we had a lovely day, not least because there was lovely food (including cake) flowing all day!!:

My dear friend Ashley from Country Rose was there and that meant of course so was the lovely baby Arthur (I don't seem to have a decent pic!!) and he was as good as gold.

Also this week I took delivery of some pretty yarn:

This weeks bargain was a pink polka dot Cath Kidston duvet set from eBay for £24!!:

And my lovely Stepdad gave me some gorgeous china:

Crafting wise I have finished a couple of my house portrait embroideries:

I also made a sign as a christening gift for a friends little girl:

At the christening my knitted shawl had its first outing:

And that's all I have to report for now, for tomorrow I am off to Meadowgate!! Kirstie Allsopp's Meadowgate!!

I am beyond excited about this as it was the Kirstie's first crafting series "The Homemade Home" where she refurbished Meadowgate that started me on my crafting journey.

Will be back soon with all the details!!


S x



  1. Your embroidery looks gorgeous, you are very talented. Have a wonderful time at Meadowgate xx

  2. That macaroon looks very tasty! Lots of beautiful photos sarah :) What will you be making with the yarn?

    Also, please share another post on your other blog very soon :) I loved your first post and definitely need some encouragement to get myself into shape!

  3. Instagram seems to be taking over my life a bit too Sarah, it's so instant! Looks a great day out, must have been great fun meeting fellow bloggers. Love the shawl ... ooh, and can't wait to hear about Meadowgate! Loved that series, I still have it recorded somewhere, but wasn't very keen on the last vintage one, it just didn't do it for me.

    Have a Happy Monday!

    Claire xxx

  4. Ooh Sarah, you have been having fun!
    Your embroideries are smashing, they are a lovely idea.
    You've bagged some great stuff too, the china is very pretty.
    I can't wait to read all about your day at Meadowgate, how exciting, jealous!
    I think my own blog could well be a flop as I don't do half as many interesting activities as you. Hey ho, it's a pretty good record of non-events for me too though I suppose;)
    Have fun, looking good lady X

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you in that pink shawl. It's gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful time away. I so wish I could come along. The Husband is working all weekend and with two littlies and no one around to help, my social life is on hold most of the time!
    Can't wait to see the pics though.
    ADORE the china. I'd have gone nuts if someone had given it to me!!!
    This sounds such a happy post.
    Call when you are back from Meadowgate so we can catch up.
    Gem x x x

  6. Hi Sarah you have been busy. Love the shawl. Barnett Hill - lovely memories of Scrapmanic (I think that's where I first met you!). Sharon X

  7. I bloomin' love IG (just friend requested you!) and have to admit it's somewhat hampered my blogging too! (then I just blog my IG dull!)
    Can't even mention beyond jealous.
    fee x


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