Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Meadow Gate....

You may or may not remember that the catalyst for my becoming crafty was watching the lovely Suzie Johnson from The Wool Sanctuary teach Kirstie Allsopp to knit in Kirstie's first crafting series "The Homemade Home".

This was the series in which Kirstie renovated the dilapidated cottage Meadow Gate in North Devon. I clearly remember Kirstie saying to Suzie "My Mum told me I'll never knit as I'm left handed".

I thought similar (though I am right handed) as despite having a Mum who excelled at them I had never mastered crochet, knitting or any other textile craft. After watching Kirstie learn to knit I was prompted to give crochet another try.

And then sewing; knitting; embroidery both by machine and hand. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So, imagine my delight when my dear friend Cuckoo invited me on Suzie Johnson's Knit Club holiday to Meadow Gate!!

I spent last Monday- Friday there and it was just bliss. There was lots of nattering, less knitting (I discovered I too much of a novice to knit and natter simultaneously!!) and cake was the main food group.

I have lots of photos for you!!

Meadow Gate

The view from the front of the house, just between the cliffs is the sea....

The back....

Looking out of back door there is a stream....

Lovely Aga, you can't see from the pic but even the oven nearest to us was part of it, it is mahoosive!!

The gorgeous Kerry posing next to the famous WOW in the kitchen!!

Suzie chatting to Cuckoo while Cuckoo makes a yummy stew....

View from my room....

Sitting room with the remains of our cake lunch....

About to take a dip in the lovely Art Deco bath, I remember Kirstie getting this from a salvage yard - it's very long!!

Shelves in the Art Deco bathroom....


With the log burner roaring....

Kirstie's notebook....

On the last night the twin room was free and so I jumped in as I loved this room from the show!!

Such a pretty, girly room....

There are three baths at Meadow Gate (I had a go in all 3!!) and this is my favourite in the master bedroom....

Due to my anxiety this trip was way out of my comfort zone, and I did have a wibble on the first night when I got to bed. But the next morning I felt much better and I so enjoyed getting to know the lovely ladies that were with me (there were 12 of us in all) - some of which I had met before and some of which were strangers.

I have come away with some true friends.

Really looking forward to the next one!!


S x




  1. Hi Sarah,you lucky girl having time away with other girlies to enjoy crafting,and even better to spend that time at Kirsties home.I watched her removate Meadowgate and thought how lovely it would be to visit it,lovely photos you have taken to show us and Im sure you will have tons of happy memories of your relaxing time ther.Love Jill xx

  2. Hello Fellow Meadowgater! Fab pics, wish I could have taken them. What memories, shall we do it again? I hope so, it was just great to craft and chat and even better to read your blog about it. Thank you for being there and sharing your memories with us. Love to you.

    Cuckoo's Mummy xxx

  3. Oooh I'm a bit green I'm sorry to say. Jealous? Much? Glad you had a fab time tho and thanks sharing it with us - bathrooms and all! J9 x

  4. How exciting! I'm glad that you overcame your wibbles, it looks like you had a lovely time. Jille xx

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I'm Sarah too! I'm so jealous of your trip to Meadow gate, it sounds amazing! The pictures are great. I love all Kirsties shows, Can't wait for the next one! :-)

    I write a little blog too, would love to know what you think? It's http://youngfairlady.blogspot.co.uk
    Love Sarah xx

  6. It looks and sounds absolutely glorious...one day I'll try and make it along to a Meadowgate knitting holiday!

  7. Awww I loved this Sarah, although I can't believe you omitted the interesting return journey! Actually maybe that is for the best! Was fab to get to know you better, I absolutely LOVED our time there. xx

  8. How fabulous! I've enjoyed all Kirstie' s homemade shows, but Meadowgate is my favourite series :)

  9. What a gorgeous place, like a dream home!
    Thank you for the inviting and beautiful photos!

  10. The art deco bath is simply amazing. I now long to have one in a future home!

    You're really lucky to have made such lovely friends through blogging/Instagram. I'd love to be part of something like this, although I do get homesick so your Mon-Fri stay is very impressive to me!

    Thanks for sharing such great photos of the house too! x

  11. Corr! What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. An absolutely lovely idea, your photos are great, it was a fab series and it's good to know that it's used and appreciated by so many gals.

    Thank you for entertaining us with your smashing blog! X

  12. Such a wonderful bunch of ladies to be away with, I can only imagine how warm and welcoming everyone was, I have been a blog friend of cuckoo's since the early days and she is a gorgeous, warm nurturing girl that I hope to meet one day. I am thinking her mum and MIL are the same along with all the other girls there. Glad you had a little'wibble' and left it behind you and got up to a new day and new adventure.
    xx Sandi

  13. Those bathroom shelves are amazing!


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