Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Update On My Mum....

Firstly, may I thank you all for your kind words and prayers for my Mum.

She went down for her surgery at around 8.45am on Monday - they allowed us to see her right to the doors of the theatre and we had a very emotional and tearful goodbye.

Sis and I went off back to Sis's house (which is a lot closer than mine to the hospital) and had a bit of breakfast and then spent a tense morning until we could call at 12.000m. However, she still wasn't out of surgery so we called again at 1.30pm to be told she'd been out an hour and all had gone well.

I was so relieved I cried.

We were advised to go to hospital in the evening as they wouldn't be bringing her out of sedation until at least then.

So we popped to the shop, had a bit of lunch and I had a snooze in my nieces bed before we headed back to the hospital about 6.15pm.

When we arrived Mum was in the High Dependancy Unit (this is because as a "fast track" case she is a straightforward one so didn't need to be in Intensive Care) and she was still intubated and anaesthetised.

Not long after we arrived they began waking her up. She was very woozy but kept talking and knew we were there.

There has been some difficulty getting on top of her pain. When she awoke she kept saying "Hurting, hurting" and they gave her morphine into her central line which I thought would help but it didn't seem to be easing things for her.

If my Sis and I went quiet she would say "Gone?" and we'd tell her we were still there. When we whispered to each other she told us off - as children we were never allowed to whisper between ourselves in case we were up to no good!!

She'd also ask where one or the other of us was and she'd say "Sarah?" and I would tell her I was there and she'd go "Knitting?" which tickled us.

As she kept fearfully asking for us we settled in for the night. I didn't want to leave her, I couldn't bare the thought of her asking if we were still there and them saying we weren't.

But at midnight the Ward Sister came and persuaded us to leave. I was in floods of tears and my Ss virtually frog marched me out. The Ward Sister said Mum wouldn't remember any of the night and that we needed to get some sleep.

I got home about 1.30am and after 20 draining hours fell into bed.

Yesterday morning we returned to the hospital about 9.30am. Mum was still in agony but much more lucid and the first thing Mum said was "I asked "gone?" and you were" - OMG I was in floods. That is exactly why I hadn't wanted to leave :0(

We were quite shocked at how poorly Mum still was, I mean we expected her to be weak, tired and very sore but not to still be in agony. All day they tried to get on top of her pain, I spoke to two doctors and they kept her on Oramorph.

Her oxygen sats were low too so they had her on oxygen and in the afternoon the physio sat her in a chair which seemed barbaric but would help her sats.

Sis and I had to bully her a little to get her to eat as she was afraid of being sick as it would be so painful. She managed a little food.

We left her shortly after dinner as she was exhausted. Since returning home I have felt the worst since it all happened as she is still so poorly. I wasn't expecting it. Everyone else in HDU seems much, much more "normal".

Today my Sis is there and I am going a bit later. Her oxygen sats are still low so she has had to go onto CPAP. I'm going over shortly.

Sorry this post is so rambling and wordy, I needed to unload it all out of my head I guess.

The one thing I mustn't forget is to mention how wonderful the nurses are. The care and compassion with which they look after my Mum and other terribly poorly patients is amazing. They truly do a most fantastic job....


S x



  1. Oh sweetheart. I am so sorry for how you are feeling right now. I guess before, you were thriving on adrenalin, and now everything has caught up with you.
    Perhaps she is just taking that little bit longer when it comes to recovery.
    She is very young at heart as you have said and she's in the best place possible. Just give her (and you) plenty of time.
    Big love and speak soon,
    Gem x xx x x x

  2. My dear Sarah, I'm so glad your mum's op was a success and that she is now in recovery. Still in my thoughts and prayers. You are right, the nurses are wonderful - they looked after my mum in Winchester so well and nothing was too much trouble. XX Hugs Sharon X

  3. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry to read this post. Your mum has had a big operation but she will be fine, I'm sure. You're all in my thoughts. Xx

  4. Hugs to you are yours, Sarah! What a trying few days you have had!! My prayers are with you and your mom. I know that everything will work out well and she'll be home and safe before you know it!!

  5. oooh that's good news. SO glad she's ok.
    love fee x

  6. Oh my goodness Sarah that sounds so traumatic for all of you. You hope the worst is over after the surgery but really it's still ongoing. I guess It's going to take time. I hope you can get through these next few days. You and your sister are lucky to have each other for support.

    Take good care of each other

    Helen xx

  7. I'm sorry she is still in pain. My mother's husband was in some pain and terribly cold for a few days after surgery, but then the pain was just annoying. Everyone handles pain differently. She will not remember much from the morphine, but will be so thankful that you were there. Keeping praying. Regena in Tn.

  8. So glad the op was a sucess and hope that your mum's pain is sorted soon and that she has a speedy recovery!
    hugs Aly x

  9. It's very difficult seeing your Mum in discomfort and pain but I'm sure with the wonderful nursing care she will will improve. Hang in there. Your Mum is probably a little frightened by feeling so yucky and she needs you to be strong for her. When she relaxes a little, some her pain and discomfort will ease and you can help her through this difficult time.
    Take care and thinking of you and your Mum,
    Anne xx

  10. I hope by the time you get this she is a bit better. Good news it went well. You and your sister take care too.

  11. It is now the 22nd here in Aust. am hoping that your mum is feeling better and the pain has abated to a reasonable level. It is such a shock to see your parents (or anyone really) so vulnerable.
    xx Sandi

  12. Hi Sarah, I've just found your blog and think it's absolutely wonderful. I'm going to enjoy reading my way through it. So sorry to read your latest couple of posts though, I do hope your Mum is on the road to recovery. Best wishes, Claire


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