Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Great Big Catch Up....

Hello my lovelies!!

Yet again time has whizzed past and we find ourselves in May - it seems remarkable considering how cold and unspringlike it has been. This week has been beautiful so far though and the sunshine really lifts the spirits.

So, what have I been up to?

My Mum and little niece Little E had birthdays. We usually take Mum out for the day but as she was just a few weeks post-open heart surgery we just opted for a pub lunch in a lovely little pub set by the sea:

Mum; Sis; Little E; Auntie Betty and Maz (Mum's BFF)

Among other things I made Mum some hand embroidered pillowcases;

And a little brooch:

For Little E I made a topsy-turvey Cinderella doll:


I spent a lovely day with Gem of Treasures From The Cherry Tree - there was cake:

Swoon!! I could just eat a piece now....

There has also been a vintage fair that meant I could sport my victory rolls:

Last week Ashley from Country Rose and I spent a few days with the lovely Cuckoo . She welcomed us wholeheartedly into her gorgeous home and it was just lovely to spend time with two of my best bloggy friends, not least because of the wonderful surroundings:

The view from my bedroom....

And yummy food:

There were twice as many cookies as this. Ashley and I ate the lot.

All that coupled with fantastic company meant for a really lovely few days.

This week Mr G is off work and we have been madly doing jobs (hence the decorating paraphernalia in the above pic!!) as we have a home magazine coming to photograph the house for a future issue!!:

We repainted and added wallpaper to one wall in the conservatory. Mr G and I nearly came to blows over the addition of the plates but I won him over:

Mr G and his Dad worked really hard on fitting our new 1930's style garage doors - so much nicer than an up and over:

Painted in Farrow and Ball's "Green Blue"....

We are currently working through a very long "To Do" list so hopefullt when magazine comes next week we will be all shipshape!!

That was a mammoth catch up, if you're still reading, well done!!


S x


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  1. Great to see you again! A magazine-- how exciting!! Did you volunteer your home or did they contact you through seeing your home on your blog? Are you stressing out about getting ready? how exciting!!


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