Monday, 7 July 2014


I have a few photos taken over the past couple of weeks or so to share but bare with me as they are all a bit random and unconnected!!

After undertaking the makeover of H's room he needed a bit of art on his walls - keeping up with the English hunting lodge theme I had a look at stag or hare prints but as usual they were rather expensive and so I decided to have a go myself.

For someone who got a "F " in art I don't think he turned out too bad:

The window box Mr G made me is finally in bloom:

Recently we had a fantastic new charity shop open up nearby which just stocks craft materials - they have a lovely selection of fabrics, threads, buttons and other vintage and secondhand lovelies. I got a lovely little haul on one of my visits:

And I also found a gorgeous little china cabinet at the tip for the princely sum of £6:

In other news, we have a new pony - my friend R has loaned a lovely big cob called Bobby who has come to live with my two:

Once more I've stuck to the advice on how to found a perfect mount "Ensure they have an arse to match yours"!!

Can't leave out little Jasmin!!

Thanks for reading....

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  1. How did you only get an F?? The Hare is amazing!!xx

  2. You do make me laugh, Sarah! It's just as well I don't live near you, with that brill charity shop to spend all my time in. I showed DH your hedgehog 'roadkill' cake and he wondered if you'd seen this link ? I typed in 'cakes gone wrong' on Google, and there are more than you'd imagine! Yours did look yummy x

  3. A charity shop selling craft stuff - lush! And that china cabinet is beautiful - looks lovely with the paper inside it - clever you. ! xx

  4. Wow - that painting is amazing!! Amazing effort. J9 x

  5. The hare painting is stunning, please keep painting/drawing, you have talent.
    Anne xx

  6. Hello, just wanted to say hi as I think you are a relatively local blogger to me, I found you while googling "Annie Sloan Chichester" and then stopped for a browse! The painting is amazing, it makes a mockery of your art grade!


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