Monday, 21 July 2014

Let's Go Shopping!!

Come on my lovelies, let's go for a little wander around the shops shall we?

First of all let's nip into Joules - now I love, love, love Joules clothes, but alas, as a girl of the Rubenesque persuasion their sizes do not go big enough for me (I can't help thinking that in this day and age all high street shops should cater for plus sizes, but last a a whole different post).

So I will eschew the womenswear for the lovely china they have:

I also need a new pair of wellies before the winter because my old Hunter ones have developed a split. These lovely floral ones will do nicely:

Let's have a look in one of my favourite shops, Cath Kidston shall we? I could get carried away in here!! I love the new clock print as on this iPhone case:

And we really need some new mugs as unfortunately they don't last very long in this house - in fact I have a set of seven Cath Kidston mugs on my dresser - all glued together (but still pretty!!)

So I'd like some new ones:

Boden have a gorgeous leather bag I've been lusting after for months:

There's a cute sun dress is Forever21 that I have my eye on:

And then we'll pop into Toast and I'll buy a pair of pink Salt Water sandals (I already have a pair in silver and they were super comfy, straight out of the box):
But then, on the other hand, Esprit do have this rather nice pair of pink metallic sandals - decisions, decisions:



  1. Love it all! Would be more than broke if I bought all that I liked on this list lol!
    Definately the metallic pink sandals! xxx

  2. I have those pink Salt Waters. They live on my feet, they love the sea and I hope they last me forever.
    Oh I soooooooooo need to see you. Maybe when matt has day off so I just take Sweet Child with us. Not sure when his next free day off is where we have no plans, that's the only prob.
    think of you loads and can't wait to meet up.
    Hope,you and your guys at good.
    X x x

  3. Your blog is lovely! These shopping finds are very special! I love the summer dress!


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