Monday, 4 April 2011

April Already!!

Can you believe it's April already? At the end of this month we are one third through the year!!

Did you have a nice Mother's Day? We had both the Mums over here for Sunday lunch yesterday - Hubby did the cooking (he does a mean roast) and so I got to put my feet up too. The boys got me a Cath Kidston ironing board cover and tablecloth for my sewing room and two little potted pansies which surprisingly smell lovely - of spring.

I made quilted photo frames for the Mums:

They were meant to be in frames and then you tuck your photo under the ribbons but the when I came to put them in the frames late on Saturday - they were too big!! I've no idea how this happened as I have made one before to these measurements and it fit an 8" x 10" frame perfectly.

Another make that I have finished this week is my crochet bag - I followed the pattern from the fab Attic24 my bag is made from Stylecraft Special DK which is acrylic while Lucy at Attic24 made hers in aran weight pure wool (much posher than mine!!) so mine is a little floppier than the original but I am still pretty pleased with it:

I decided to add a lining (please forgive the quality, I don't know what's going on with the camera):

Also, this week I got a new quilt for our bedroom - I had ummed and ahhed about whether to take the plunge and make one but I must confess not only was I daunted at the prospect of my first quilt being a king size one, it would also have cost twice as much as buying a readymade one.

I was also concerned that (like the last couple of garments I have made) I would spend time, effort and money on it and then NOT ACTUALLY LIKE IT!!

So, I got one off eBay - after days of deciding (there were about six lovely shabby chic quilts in the colours I wanted) I went for this one:

I must get something to go above the bed too....

Other purchases this week were some seeds for the garden:

Wilko have a "buy two get one free" offer on all seeds. The Candytuft you see on the right is something I planted along the edge of our raised flowerbed last year and we got a thick, riot of colour the length of the bed for just a few pence. I also chose some daisies and a packet of mixed cottage garden annuals which I hope prove more successful than the wildflowers I sowed last year which only resulted in a couple of poppies!!

I shall sow them directly into the flowerbed in a couple of weeks - Monty Don on Gardeners World  said you shouldn't sow seeds until the earth feels warm - he said the way farmers used to tell in days gone by was to drop their britches and sit their bare backsides on the soil - if it felt cold it was too early to sow!!

Earlier in the week my friend got some orphan lambs from the farmer whom we rent the stables off. Here is Son#2 bottlefeeding one of them:

Every year my yardmates raise some orphan lambs for meat - I am way too sentimental to do that as I would get far too attached to them.

Don't get me wrong I think it is a good, honest way to eat meat - raise it yourself and know it had a happy life and a dignified death but I just couldn't spend all the months getting to know them and then have to send them for slaughter. 

I shall leave you with a couple of pictures of Bear and Jasper our Tonkinese cats - we rehomed this "sheep" footstool from my Mum's and they appear to have adopted it as their own!!:

Bye for now!!

S x


  1. I love those photo frames! And that bag is gorgeous :)
    I was in wilkos today, I bought some setting lotion and a hair net so I can attempt pin curling my hair. My OH keeps calling me an old lady! lol
    Aww, I love lambs! And cats :)
    Ashley x

  2. Haha, Hubby says the same, in fact yesterday he said that now I listen to Radio 4 it's a slippery slope!!

    I love pincurls - I used to do them with those silver sleeper hair clips - my hair is so long now though that they'd never dry!!

    S x

  3. Those photo frames are really pretty. I love the bag too. I get really attached to animals too. Save the sheep.. that lamb really is to cute to eat =[

  4. The frames are so pretty and the bag is gorgeous, especially with the lining! Loving the bed throw too! Like you, I feel that sometimes it is just cheaper to buy something than make it!!!! I am such a lightweight!

    Happy Monday!!!!!!


  5. Hey Sarah, you wanted to know what camera I used, it's a Canon EOS. It's one of hubby's cast offs, and I have no idea how to use it!!!! I just point and click, several times, hoping that at least one will be a decent shot! I also have a macro lense on it. Hubby's regular lense broke on his, so he took mine and replaced it with a macro lense. Great for getting close up shots and means less cropping to get the 'mess' out of a pic(!) but can be annoying at times! I really do have no idea about photography but it's fun!!!!!!! Have a lovely day! x

  6. Hi, I just thought I'd let you know (as I only found out yesterday) that you can find out how many subscribers you have on google reader by searching for it using it the search function. You have more subscribers! :D here's the link so you can see:

    It made my day to find I had more followers! :)
    Ashley x

  7. Sarah I got the latte cups from this company
    They didn't sell them on their site but actually ordered them in especially for me. You can just email them and ask them to and they are more than happy to do that and get them direct from Greengate for you! I tried everywhere to find a UK site that sold them, and some sites only sold the small versions. I hope this helps!!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Vanessa xxx

  8. Hello! What gorgeous cats! it's funny seeing other Siamese cats, because their personalities are sooooo extreme, I wonder what your Jasper is like in "person!"
    Glad you had a lovely mothers day!


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