Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Ta-Dah of 2012....

I gave our dresser a makeover:

It was "factory done" in buttermilk paint with orange pine and was nice enough but not properly shabby chic, the factory finish looks rubbish compared to the finish you get with the chalk paint.

So I mixed my own shade of periwinkle blue to match the little flower in the Cath Kidston paper using Annie Sloan's "Aubusson" and "Original" and set about it with my paint brush.

I really fancied a blue dresser and it's turned out perfectly!! Notice I managed to do away with the old xBox and TV that was on there spoiling the look!!

I hope you are all taking care in this vile, vile weather....


S x


  1. Oh Sarah, what a fabulous ta dah it is too. Utterly stunning.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your makeovers in 2012. xx

  2. woweeee....ok, so ive got a severe case of the 'wanties' hehee...looks so wonderful x you clever thing x

  3. Oh I LOVE it! I am rather taken with your tea pot up there on the top too!!!

    You are so motivated. I entered the new year feeling totally ready to get on with everthing but I've overwhelmed myself with my ambitious plans and now I feel a bit defeated before I start.

    I really need to sort out the boys toys. Need to be ruthless. Hard though, don't really know where to start.


  4. I have to say one word Fab -u-lous x

  5. Oh, it's gorgeous!

    Now, can I pick your brains again? Was the back of the dresser, where you have papered, tongue and groove? How did you stick the paper? I've been tempted to buy some Mod Podge - have you ever used it?

    It's your own fault for such lovely makeovers!!!


  6. It looks lovely. I love the wee handles, gorgeous arranging there too. I want some wallpaper for mine, but wallpaper here is out of date and hideous!
    Is that your new sewing machine in your header? Pretty! xxx

  7. Stunning dresser.
    It is horrible weather here too.
    Jule xxxxx

  8. Ooh it's gorge, well done love.
    HIDEOUS weather. Can't cope with it, want to be back travelling around Oz with my loved one (and kids in tow) when it's like this.
    I literally LIVE for the summer. I need heat and sun all the time.
    But been weirdly positive and upbeat today, despite working til 3pm and getting caught in the rain.
    I have realised we all have so many good and lovely things in our life and therefore the hassles and stresses can clear off!!!
    Here is to an exciting and fresh 2012, with ideas, dreams and plans.
    Much love x x x x

  9. Thats looks awesome. You truly have a gift xxx

  10. How beautiful Sarah, it's gorgeous. You really are a clever, clever lady. :) Enjoy the rewards of your hard work.
    Anne xx

  11. Oh Yes! This is gorgeous!
    Guess I'll have to paint my Ikea dresser now but, probably wait until warmer drier weather as I don't have anywhere but the bungalow to do such things and , it would have to be some shade of white or cream me thinks.

    Well done, it is stunning!

    Sandie xx

  12. Visiting you from Amber Shades. Love your hutch! Nice color mix.

  13. Gorgeous, love the colour and wallpaper, so pretty and useful.

  14. you mixed your own colour? well look at you miss queen of divine pretty making, :) dear sarah!

  15. Oooo the dresser looks good Sarah x


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