Thursday, 12 January 2012

Friends, Flowers and Fairy-lights....

I have a few things to witter on about today. At the weekend I made some little "lampshades" for a string of plain fairy-lights:

I was inspired by seeing them on Pinterest (I can't find them now however!! You can find a similar tutorial here though). 

The tutorials I found were using paper/plastic cups covered with paper or fabric but I thought the cups were a little too big so I used little plastic shot "glasses" which I found in Poundland. I covered them with paper (I used wallpaper and some scrapbooking papers I had).

To stick the paper to the little cups I used PVA  glue which was rubbish, the hot glue gun would've been better, although maybe it would've melted the cups. Anyway, you really need something that adheres instantly, perhaps double-sided tape would be good?

BTW I know butterflies like this are terribly un-PC but my Dad bought them for my Mum when I was a little girl and so they have sentimental value....

As I only had a pack of 40 shot glasses I did the shades on every other bulb but because the shot size is much smaller than a normal paper cup I think they would look good on every bulb (some of the larger cups make the string look crowded IMO).

Last Friday we attended our first auction (well except for a car auction where Mr G bought a duff car that refused to start the moment we handed the money over and Doncaster Bloodstock Sales where we were moments away from accidentally bidding several thousand pounds on a racehorse, that is!!) - it was held in a church hall and was full of every stereotyped wide-boy and wheeler dealer (Del Boy style) you could think of but at the same time was rather fun.

We won two vintage suitcases and a wooden tea-trolley for a grand total of £12.

One of the suitcases is fabulously battered and has the odd vintage sticker:

We didn't realise the blue one came with the brown and I think it's a perfect candidate for covering in fabric - which I saw on a blog recently and now Can't Find Either!! How v. annoying. 

Edited to add: still can'r find the original one but there is a tutorial here for covering a suitcase with fabric and it looks fabby!!

The lady in question had used vintage fabric and Mod Podge (which after using both it and cheap ol' PVA glue I still can't tell the difference) and vintage fabric to cover and line her suitcase.

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Ashley and Rose from Country Rose and I was chuffed to bits not only to see them but because she bought me not only a gorgeous Cath Kidston pencil case and a peg bag (both of which I really needed) but also these beautiful blooms:

Aren't they lovely? They make me smile every time I look at them....

Now this post is getting very long, so I think I will keep the tale of how Ashley let me play with her new baby for tomorrow....

hugs to all,

S x


  1. Your lights look fab!

  2. I love the little lamps, they do look very pretty as I said yesterday. I thought you had bought them, they looked that good.
    What a bargain with the suitcases! I look forward to seeing them covered in lovely fabric.
    Your welcome for the little bits and bobs, I promise I didnt spend a lot!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Ooh I love your light shades, so cute!
    Well done on your auction wins too. x

  4. I'm certain I have seen the fairy light lamp shade pin, dunno if I pinned it though. I found a fantastic board today with loads of fab knitted stuff and I started pinning away. Only when I finished did I realise I was on my own board and repinning things I'd forgotten about. What a fool.

    Love those suitcases, doll!


  5. its really lovely that you know Ashley ;0) wish i had friendships with similar interests- well, other than good friends that live miles away. love the suitcases...i saw a different blog covering old vintage suitcases in funky papers- not sure who or what blog now. but they are lovely!!!!! the fairy light little shot glass covered lights are a great idea!!!! x ive gone through so many fairy lights in the last year hehe xx


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