Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Goals For 2012 (Cosmic Wishlist?)....

I thought I would take inspiration from some of my favourite blogs and take the opportunity to record some of my goals and "intentions" for 2012 - I won't call the New Year resolutions as we all know how likely it is that they fail when given that label!!

 Image from Tikki London

1. To learn to quilt - I want to make a Snapdragon quilt from the book "Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts"

I've only ever tackled the odd patchwork cushion and such so would like to learn to do it properly - so I went on the Quilters Guild website and have found a quilting group local to me. They are a group of 25 ladies, of all abilities, that meet every Friday afternoon and will get me started with my first quilt. The lady who runs it has been so helpful and welcoming already so I am attending my first session this week.

 2. Loose weight - both Mr G and I are very overweight and since losing 29lbs last year I have put it all back on (and probably more, I daren't get weighed). I would like to go from this:

Me Jabba The Hutt
To this:

Christina Hendricks
Who wants to be a size 0 when you could be a 16 and look this gorgeous?

With the amount I have to lose that's probably be unrealistic, but I would like to drop 3 dress sizes and get in a size 18 pair of jeans - I know this will still be MAHOOSIVE to some of you, but I know there is no point saying "size 10" as I haven't been that since I was about 12!!

Until I was about 18 (and had been on the pill a couple of years) I was about a size 14. I went up to a size 22 and then lost 4st before we got married. I then had two babies in two years and am still trying to shift the baby weight ("babies" are now 11 and 13!!)
So we are going to try Slimming World - I don't believe in diets (they make you fat) and so it has to be a lifestyle choice not a "diet".

 TC (The Colonel) and I a-g-e-s ago....

 3. To Ride My Horses - I haven't ridden since last February!! This is due to all manner of excuses but the crux of the matter is I am scared and lazy. 

I had all confidence in my riding shattered by my first horse and after falling off TC about 3 years ago have made any excuse not to ride. TC is (usually) very good but he is BIG and also I hate riding alone - I like to ride with someone and have a natter and that helps me forget my nerves. No-one rides at the farm where I keep my horses so I have no company.

So, I am going to advertise to see if I can get someone to ride one of my horses while I ride the other.

4. Try And Be Less Anxious - I am constantly worried about health matters and am sometimes almost crippled with fear of something bad happening to me or my family. I have been referred for (yet more) cognitive behaviour therapy so maybe this time it'll work.
5. Explore The Church - I would describe myself as agnostic - I really want to believe and am envious of people who have faith as it must be such a great comfort. My main anxiety is a fear of death and I can't help feeling that someone who had faith would not be crippled like I am with worries.

I have lots of questions and so have decided to attend an Alpha Course at our local church which they bill as a place "to explore the meaning of life" - it starts next Tuesday.

6. Go To Bed Earlier - I am such a night owl, I usually go to bed about 1.00am and then play a relaxing puzzle on my iPhone until 2.00am and then struggle to get up in a morning. 

I think that is all for now - thanks for reading what is probably quite a dull post for you!!


S x


  1. I admire your honesty. It is difficult for us to admit flaws in ourselves. Or what we perceive as flaws! Good luck with all of your list. You have made me think perhaps I should have made some serious plans . Thank you.

  2. Good luck with all your goals
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I want to ride again this year. I fell off a horse when I was 11 and haven't gotten back on again. Who knows 2012 could be the year you and I saddle up again and who knows, maybe I'll be that person riding at your side one day.

    I too would like to make a quilt this year. I have about 20 old work shirts waiting for the chop. I bet quilting on your new machine will be an absolute pleasure.

    Good luck with the weight lose. You can do it. Slowly but surely, little by little. You'll feel so proud of yourself.


  4. Aww good luck with your goals Sarah. Weight loss is hard and is on my list too! I got a WII fit last week and love it as its exercise but fun at the same time. I`m the same as you with the health anxiety and have ordered a book off Amazon to try and help. I also plan to conquer my phobia of dogs.

  5. Not a dull post at all. Very inspiring. The horse looks gorgeous. I used to ride a lot, had a horse on loan and also used to exercise someone else's horse but I lost my nerve after one bolted and another refused to jump, sending me off each time!
    I do hope the CBT works for you this time. Congrats on losing the 29lb and don't worry about the fact you put it all back on - its just great to know you CAN do it.
    I have been a size 10 -18/20 in my lifetime and I can honestly say I've been as happy/and as miserable both ends of the spectrum.
    I am now a 12/14 on a good day and a 14/16 on an IBS day. I have PCOS and my weight fluctuates a lot.
    Recently it's been under control (my eating habits don't ever change) but then in a month or two it is likely to spiral out of control again.
    Two of my friends are doing My Fitness Pal. Looks good if you can be bothered with all that food listing!!! Google it.
    x x x x x

  6. Good things to aim for - I like them :)

  7. I wish you all the best with your goals for 2012, they all sound like some seriously life enhancing things!

    It's a shame I don't live closer, i'd definitely come riding with you!!


  8. Dear Sarah An amazing post I just love your honestly and always without fail look out for you a talented and arty ! gal; ! ,,

    you go do your "Alpha"" course it changed my husbands life my sisters and several friends of mine

    I honestly don't believe i would be here if it wasn't for my love of God i am happy to tell "all" in an email or phone call even ! some have said it should be in a book ....PS i,m a night owl trying to be an early bird !"!!!.Kieren xxx

  9. You have a great list of goals for 2012 Sarah. Wishing you well.
    Anne xx

  10. Amazing!
    This is a fabulous list of things to look forward to this year.
    I wish you good luck in exploring all of these and hope you'll have fun and maybe find some answers on your way.

    Enjoy, hon.

  11. Good Luck with all of these, I rejoined SW on tuesday so if you need any moral support give me a shout x

  12. Good luck with your resolutions. I could have most of the same if I did resolutions! Weight loss is important as it really affects all other things: health, relationships, self-confidence, and even, possibly, your whole lifestyle. I'm really struggling with weight right now, myself, so I know.

    As for the alpha course, do it! I've never heard a bad thing about it and faith is such a comfort in these times of world changes.

  13. Excellent! I definitely need to lose weight and go to be earlier too and think they might be related so with you on those! Our church regularly runs Alpha courses and I know people find them really helpful so let us know how you get on. Love reading your posts, must get round to mine sometime!

  14. Good luck with your resolutions Sarah.
    You can Definitely lose a load of weight on Slimming World, you can eat so much on it and I never went hungry when I started it.
    I really wanted to learn to quilt too, Rose's quilt I'm working on at the moment is pretty simple but I really want to learn how to make different blocks up.
    Sorry for not commenting on this post sooner, I must have missed it on my feed..

    Ashley xxx


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