Monday, 30 January 2012

Quilts and Questions....

Hello my lovely ladies!! I hope you have had a nice weekend?

Before I tell you about mine, I'll start with the questions - iPad or laptop? 

My laptop (or laptopamabob as   Aleksandr the meerkat calls them - I laugh every time he says it!!) has been playing me up the last couple of days and I fear it is on it's last legs. 

I really fancy an iPad but want to make sure I don't make the wrong decision (and we Librans are not good at decisions at all!!)

I use my laptop for general surfing, shopping online, eBay, blogging and reading blogs, watching Netflix and sometimes BBC/ITV players. 

Those of you with iPads, can you do all that on it? I have an iPhone (Which I love and which I can do all that on) so I am assuming an iPad is a bigger version?

My Sis got an iPad for Christmas and she says she is not that impressed, and that several of the websites she has to go on for uni will not run. 

Mr G is wanting me to try and check as best I can that I'll be able to do all I want to on it before I sell everything on eBay that isn't nailed down to raise cash for one!!

Also, I do a lot of surfing at night laid on the sofa, is an iPad a pain if you are reclined?!! I rest my laptop on a cushion on my (not inconsiderable) tummy and the keyboard is at the perfect angle for typing and I don't have to hold the screen as I guess I will with an iPad?

Incidentally, that's why I have been a bit absent from commenting on your blogs, I am reading on my iPhone (which is a pain to add comments on as is so small) and when I can wrestle Mr G's laptopamabob off him for 5 minutes (and thus don't have time before he wants it back!!)

Now for the weekend, my Mum accompanied me on a coach trip run by my quilting group to Ardingly Spring Quilt Show. I had a few pennies saved so was looking forward to admiring all the quilts and getting a few bargains.

The quilts were amazing, but a whole different animal to what I think of when I think of a quilt, these were quilting combined with machine & hand embroidery, applique, beading and all manner of other textile art.

Here are a few of my faves (iPhone pics so apologies for quality):

Aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to have a go at doing a wallhanging like the foxgloves and the robin, which were made of tiny bits of fabric freeform machine embroidered onto the quilt. It was like painting with fabric.

There were lots of trade stands and I got a couple of bits including some lovely FQ's:

A bobbin saver because I am fed up of them being tangled in a jam jar, this donut thingy is made of rubber so holds them all nice and tightly and you can see at a glance what you have:

And a pattern for this bag, which is hand pieced, so something I can do in the evening in front of the telly:

Yesterday,  we went to stock up on paint and stopped by The Chesapeake Mill to have a look around, it is a beautiful old building on the river stuffed to the rafters with vintage, secondhand and shabby chic goodies - I bought some vintage thread and gorgeous wooden reels (which I have forgotten to photograph so will have to show you another time).

The afternoon was spent sulking in our bedroom because Mr G and I had one of our yearly huge rows - the cats are eating out of a cereal bowl because I threw their proper cat bowl in the general direction of Mr G before I flounced off to cry. 

Naturally, it's all forgotten now. We never go to bed on a row - why do that when you can stay up and fight?!!.... ;0p


S x


  1. Can't answer your question re techno stuff!
    Love the quilts, yes have a go at the freeform quilts!

    I'm popping something in the post for you tomorrow or maybe Thursday, which i hope is 'right up your street' at the moment.

    Hope Mr G can 'duck' LOL!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  2. I'm a thrower too. Good job me and Mr c rarely scrap!

    I don't enjoy typing on an ipad and I think I would find blogging on one a huge pain in the arse. I'd go for the best laptop you can afford. But that is just my opinion. i'm sure if I persevered with the ipad I'd probably get used to it but I prefer a laptop every time.


  3. Lovely fabrics!

    No idea on the tech stuff, I'm afraid!

  4. Oh no, I'm not a thrower but I wish I was!! I'm not a very confrontational person at all and it frustrates me soooo much if Ray and I have an argument because my words get all jumbled up and I can't get my Very valid point across! I try not to but sometimes I end up giving the silent treatment, that way I can say all the things I want to in my head and not get all mixed up! haha

    I don't have an ipad but they dont appeal to me At all... I think it would be awful to type on one. Okay for a short message or comment but really slow to write a blog post... unless you spend pots of money and get one of those keyboards that can be used with an ipad.

    Ashley xxx

  5. Oh my goodness. Those quilts are INCREDIBLE!! I want that robin. How amazing!!

    I love your bobbin holder - mine get tangled too so that would be just perfect!


  6. Now, melovely, I have an iPad and I LOVE it. I can do everything I need to (except use Flash player- it won't run on Apple thingies).
    BUT, you do need a laptop to set it up, update it and back it up- a problem I am now having because my laptop has crapped out on me- BUT I wouldn't go back to a laptop now.
    eBay is a dream to do on it- the app is really easy to use.
    I also have a cover/case for it which doubles up as a stand, so I can surf away whilst sitting/lying on the sofa!


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