Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fugly-To-Fabulous Ta Dah's and Other Wafflings....

Morning all!!

I have a couple of Fugly-To-Fabulous pics to share with you as last week I was busy painting. 

First of all a lovely little chest of drawers which I did in Annie Sloan's "Original" which is a warm off white:

I was umming and ahhing about the knobs but I think they actually look really nice with the creamy white.

We also picked up a pair of retro bedside tables - I painted the insides "Duck Egg", the exterior got a couple of coats of "Original and I decoupaged the knobs with Cath Kidston paper:

We're hoping that they sell soon as the car failed her MOT and needs £250 worth of work which we are having to borrow out of the holiday fund (Mum - don't panic we'll have it by the time in needs paying!!)

We've been trying to decide what to do with the cars, whether to go back down to one - we have an ancient Corsa (named Fungus as he is green like Fungus the Bogeyman) which will probably need some work come the MOT and a gorgeous red PT Cruiser. She is called Tallulah (because she looks like a Bugsy Malone car).

It took me six months to persuade Mr G a PT Cruiser was a good idea as he wasn't keen on the looks, but you got a lot of car for your money and her back seats come out completely making her like a little van which is really handy.

Tallulah is 10 years old, but that's pretty new for us!! We recently saw an advert on TV for a company who will come and scrap your car for you and as they winched a Y reg onto the truck Mr G exclaimed "But that's practically brand new!!" Mr G would love a newer car but I don't think we'd buy brand new even if we could afford it.

With Mr G working from home and the boys now walking home from school, we don't really need two cars, but the uncertainty with Mr G's job is making it ha to know what to do in case the role they (hopefully) find for him is not home based as much.

I've finally finished W's patriotic quilt (no pics yet though), it was a bit of a drag having just done one the same for H, but W was so delighted with it yesterday when he came home from school to find it completed that it was well worth it.

I'm now doing a doll quilt for a vintage crib that I've refurbished for Little E's birthday next week.

Hope you're all well....

S x

PS do you name your cars?....


  1. hellooooo lovely - wowza! really lovely makeovers!
    you are clever and i so love the shabby to fabulous styles...those handles are so pretty! love the colour combo's too.

    I would name a car if i had one! hehe
    My boyfriend years ago called his fiesta Beryl!
    not sure why but it used to make me giggle...if it stalled or wouldnt start he would say 'come on beryl dont give up on me now!' lol.


  2. Love your makeovers, and I really do like the blue knobs on the drawers. I have so many pieces of furniture to paint that I just look at them and sigh 'maybe next year!'.

    I have only ever named one car i've ever had. It was a lovely old red MGB GT. I loved it and called it 'Rocket', just because it drove like one! Trouble was though, that as it was an old car, even with the seat pushed right forward, it was a stretch to push the peddles all the way down. I'm short, but not terribly short, geez, they must have made them for REALLY tall people! So long journeys were a pain. I was also used to power steering, and this had none. It was so heavy to turn the wheel, that although I loved the car, when it went, I wasn't too sad. Like you, i'm thinking of getting rid of my car and us just having one. I walk the boys to school and am a homebird so don't feel the need to always be out of the house. It's nice to have the freedom to be able to just get in one and rive, but they are expensive to keep on the road and in this current climate, it's all about making savings!

    Love your quilts, am envious, I still have not made friends with my sewing machine!


  3. Your chest of drawers and side tables look wonderful!! Good idea to use CK paper for the knobs. I'm hoping to see the quilt photos soon too. I call my car "Beater" - not because it actually is a beater but because my car gets the least attention from the family car guy because it is the least cool (in his opinion) of our "fleet". Poor thing.

  4. Love those knobs and am again inspired! Well done! The girls call our car - Carree - not very original but they like it! It amuses me as the last part of our number plate is CSG which we always say stands for carrying several girls! All we need now is the song "Here comes the girls" every time we open the door and it'd be complete! Have a lovely weekend, xxx

  5. Hi Sarah. Love, love, love your cupboard! Love it! I'm doing a little make over of my own on a much smaller scale ut hoping to build up to something bigger. You can be my inspiration. Xx

  6. I love the knobs on the dresser, just a perfect shade of blue!


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