Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Big Catch Up....

Hello all!!

What have you lovely ladies been up to? I've been quite a busy bee (which is why I havent blogged for a few days).

On Thursday we went to the stables in the evening to capture the sunset and take some pictures during "magic hour" - apparently the light an hour after sunrise and before sunset is called magic hour due to the nice light

On Friday I spent the afternoon cooking as we were having friends over on Saturday but I was going to be out for much of the day so needed to get ahead. So, I made three lasagnes (two meat, one of which was for the freezer and a veggie one), some tomato and basil soup and Nigella's chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

On Saturday my friend Ashley and I attended a morning beginners digital photography workshop - I had been complaining that all the classes I could find were so expensive when I found one on Groupon for £15 (saving £65!!)

Although it was only 3 hours it was such a good taster, and it has really helped what I was reading in books and online about exposure, aperture, shutter speed and all the other technical bits make sense.

After the class Ashley and I went out for lunch and both ate a huge pizza AND pudding (it was a real Italian day for me food wise!!)

Our Best Man Steve and his wife Jo and our Usher Mike and his wife Jo came over for dinner in the evening, we take turns every three months or so to host dinner and usually laugh so much we end up with sore throats!!

Mr G; Jo & our usher Mike; Best Man Steve and his Jo
Mr G and Steve have been friends since they were 8!!

Incidentially, the above photo was taken with manual settings and no flash to capture the atmosphere!!

On Sunday, it was the end of an era because we took down the trampoline. H is 13 and W is 11 which I think is still young enough to enjoy it, but it was hardly used last summer because W developed a spider phobia!!

The trampoline sat under trees and so was often covered in leaves and numerous creepy crawlies which meant W refused to use it and it had fallen into a state of disrepair:

So - down it came and we hacked at the bushes to let some light in - we have reseeded the bald patch and are hoping to set up a gazebo with a seating area to have an indoors outdoors Space (lol, I hate it when interior design types say that!!):

The wire tunnel is to allow the cats to get from the house to their cat pen - bit of an eye sore really....

On Sunday Mr G also finally wired up my standard lamp - my Stepdad gave me a vintage lamp with no innards and so I worked the Annie Sloan magic and then had to beg for days for him to do the scary electrical bit and then I added my crochet lampshade:

The last couple of days have been spent painting bits and bobs - my Stepdad keeps giving me things to paint and sell and so far I have kept them all!! This post is already super long, so will save them for next time!!


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  1. Ooh sounds like you have been having much fun my darling!!! Very pleased to hear it, nice to see a pic of your friends having a laugh, your table looks lovely.
    Glad you and Ashley enjoyed the photography course, must be so nice to find time to do something like that.
    Happy Easter dear girl.
    x x xx

  2. i can see the magic hour in your photos. they are golden. all the food you made, & ate sounds delicious. how nice that your mr. g has such a good friend, since age 8. it must be bittersweet that your boys are leaving parts of their childhood behind.

  3. Lovely photos - so pleased that you are having fun with your camera. I think the photo of Mr G and your son is wonderful. Happy Easter - hope yohave a lovely weekend xxu


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