Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Mutterings (with a Ta Dah!!)....

Hello my lovelies!! Are you all wet and windswept?

It's very soggy indeed here in Hampshire this morning, the showers have set in and become a permanent torrential downpour. I have a little set of nested tables waiting to be sanded but its a no go this weather!!

So, what have I been up to? On Friday I stopped by the market to treat myself to some fresh flowers:

My Nanna used to buy herself flowers every Friday from Doncaster market, she'd shop the old-fashioned way going to one stall for cheese, one for bread, another for eggs - *sigh* I absolutely l-o-v-e-d staying with her and my beloved Granddad....

They began to open and revealed the daffs to be gorgeous frilly affairs:

I then made a trip to Hobbycraft as I was inspired by a lady I am following on Instagram (she has a blog - My Three Of Heartsto buy some of these smashing markers:

They are currently half price so a bargain too!! 

I couldn't resist this Kilner type jar to hold my modest collection of vintage threads, when I got home I added the rose decal:

Friday afternoon was spent playing with my new pens, I'm rubbish at drawing but had seen someone do some lovely childlike sketches of houses so had a go doing our house:

I'd like to turn it into a free motion embroidery....

Over the weekend I finished Little E's birthday present, so this is the official Ta Dah!!:

 I painted this vintage crib for her and made the bedding....

Mum crocheted a blanket for it and I made the quilt using this pattern - although I ended up making the squares a bit bigger as I just couldn't get the tiny ones to line up!!:

The pillow is a funny square "doily" that I put a backing on and stuffed, the sheet is a vintage traycloth....

The quilt has little sleepy animals embroidered on it:

It's Little E's birthday on Wednesday - she'll be 6, so I hope she likes it....

For the first time in ages I have nothing to sew for anybody and can make something for myself - recently I've been sewing for Mother's Day, Mum's b'day and Little E's - I've cut out a pattern I have for a dress but I'm not too confident with clothes as I've too often spent ages on things only to try them on and discover they make me look like a "bag of sh*t tied up" as my lovely Yorkshire Mum would say!!

Until next time....


S x


  1. how beautiful...your so crafty and arty and i always love your makes n furniture re-vamps ;0)
    love the flowers also...i had a mummy chum for a coffee at mine today as it was so wet and we had planned a walk n costa coffee but instead she came to mine- i always worry what some people think of my home with all its vintage, charity shop clutter hehe...most of the mums i know go down the minimal look...or show homey...i think we're still a rare breed all this liking vintage and re-vamping second hand stuff, but im me and this is how i like to live...she seemed a little shocked how much stuff i had in my kitchen hehe...but she stayed for coffee so thats a good sign. it means so much to me to make friends here...ive lived down here 6 years and still feel an out sider.

    lovely post, it cheered my soul on this wet, miserable day xx

  2. How gorgeous is that! What a lucky little girl to be having such a lovely birthday present... I love the detail you have added...great project! Jill x

  3. Oh wow where do I start love?! Those frilly daffs are gorgeous, what sort are they?
    I fantasize about shopping on the market stalls in the good old traditional way. Wouldn't it be lovely?
    Little E's crib and quilt is stunning. Then you mentioned she is this is for a doll and not for her to sleep in? Her dolls will be the luckiest ever.
    Oh I hate this weather. Been on phone to Cuckoo for over an hour and we agreed it's a HIDEOUS day. I came home so wet from the school run that I put my PJs back on but now I have to leave again in 40 mins to do a 20 min walk to get her......not pleased!!!!!
    Make a dress, you could NEVER look like a bag of sh*t tied up, not matter how you tried.
    And lastly, that drawing you have done is blimming BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!
    So clever, how long did it take you? How cna you say you are no good at art, then produce something like that?!!!!! Brilliant.
    When we buy a house, I am going to drag you here for lunch again and hope to get you to one of our home!!!! I promise to do a massive Trifle Crawford........
    xxx x x x x x x x x

  4. I'm laughing at your bag of sh--e tied up in the middle comment! That's often what I feel like!
    Gorgeous little cot, any little girl would love it. (I'd secretly like it for myself...)

  5. Sarah, I love the embroidered animals on the sheet, so pretty and cute. The whole crib is gorgeous! Clever girl! X

  6. Ooh, lovely frilly daffs - are they the ones that smell divine?

    Your drawing is super and I adore the crib and bedding, they're gorgeous. Is that a little Nana Company inspiration I see? So beautifully neat. Good luck with the dressmaking - I'd LOVE to be able to make clothes.


  7. What a lucky girl - I'm sure she will be very happy with the present. Your daffodils are so pretty. I wish I could shop at a market too, everything always looks so fresh. I always think your house looks lovely on the outside and now you have a lovely picture of the outside too. Take care, hope everything is working out okay for your hubby.
    Lorraine xxx

  8. i'm sure she'll love her present. it's darling! when you make your free motion project with the house drawing i hope you share. those fresh flowers are cheerful. :)

  9. Oh wow lucky little girl, I bet she treasures this and will remember it forever!
    You have done a smashing job on it.
    Kandi x

  10. Thanks for the link to my blog! :-) I love the picture of your house, you've done really well, & turning it into an embroidery is a brilliant idea! The quilt is just gorgeous! Ive bought that pattern too, just need to get going on it. xx

  11. I have a jar filled with vintage spools too :) Love the crib gift, so pretty and so thoughtful.

  12. Your sweet blog is lovely...and I do like your little jar...I need to find me some decals.
    Off to take a peek around your posts to see your creativity. xoxo

  13. I love your blog! How about that cuddly place to take a nap - I want one! The photo with the edge of the granny blanket showing is absolutely precious.

    I am going to be watching for the free form home me some ideas.

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog - so happy to have found you. xoxoxoxo


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