Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekend Washout....

Hello my lovely ladies!!

Hasn't this weekend been a wash out? There are all sorts of things we wanted to do but haven't because of the rain - my sweet peas and dahlias need to go out; the field and fencing at the stables needs sorting and there are car boot sales on that are no fun in the rain.

On Friday I popped to the market for more fresh flowers - this time I got bluebells, I didn't know you could buy them!! I remember picking them as a little girl but I don't think you're allowed now so it was lovely to find some I could bring into the house:

Here you can also see my current favourite beverage - cinnamon latte with half fat squirty cream!!

Yesterday, we just nipped up to the stables fed the ponies and dropped off a load of free garden furniture we got from my Stepdad - we often have BBQ's at the yard in the summer and have been lacking a table but now we're all kitted out - there are even two sun loungers. We just have to hope we get a half decent summer so we can enjoy them.

Crafty-wise, I started embroidering a cardigan with Cath Kidston birds and flowers copied from inspired by the lovely Cuckoo from Tales From Cuckoo Land - the pattern is out of Cath Kidstons "Make" book.

I didn't have high hopes to be honest as my satin stitch is very poor, but I bought some proper DMC embroidery thread (I usually use the the cheap multipack stuff) and the difference is incredible. I *can* do satin stitch, who knew?!!:

Being influenced by Cuckoo has been something of a theme this week as I also bought some lovely cotton yarn and a pattern following posts from Cuckoo on IG and Pinterest (thinking about it, it makes me look a bit like Jennifer Jason Leigh's character in "Single White Female"!!):

Isn't the pinny lovely? I want to have it as a pinafore over another top of some sort - not sure what though as being rather voluptuous I can't wear anything too fitted, but with the dress over it can't be too voluminous either *scratcheschinthoughtfully*

Today we had an extra long lay in as listening to the rain hammering down gave us no incentive to get up and then this afternoon Mr G and I popped over to Chesapeake Mill for a mooch and found an antique fair too.

I bought some vintage buttons and found this bag full of Anchor embroidery thread for just £3.00:

I must confess Mr G and I did have a chuckle at some of the patrons of Chesapeake Mill as they really brought to mind Harry Enfield's sketch with the posh Chelsea "antique" shop called I Saw You Coming.

So, nothing much else to report for now - I hope you're all having good weekends and have managed to stay dry....


S x


  1. I used to live in Bishops Waltham, so know Chesapeake Mill well. Also the teashop in Wickham. Lovely places to go...

  2. Oh! Your latte looks delish!! Hmm...what is all fo that pastel yarn for? I am sure you'll let us know in the next few posts! I hope it stoops raining in your neck of the woods!

  3. Hi Sarah,its horrible weather here too,howling wind,freezing and downpours!Sounds like summer coming!LOVE the cardigan,well done,it looks fab.Great bargain with the Anchor threads and looking forward to see what you come up with,with the pinny,being rather voluptuous myself,;).Have a great week ahead,lots of love,juliexoxoxox

  4. Lovely post - I have made a very similar pinny today for my sister who incidentally lives in Hampshire. I have called it 'the hills are alive' pinny as I made it from an old pair of curtains. The pattern I used is a Simplicity Daisy Kingdom one which I bought of ebay. Sorry cant remember the number. Lets have a peek when you have finished it. I have one too and wear it with jeans and a tee shirt.

  5. I just love reading your posts! and seeing all the beautiful things you make, lovely cardigan, (your satin stitch id great!!)
    And the Bluebells look amazing

    love esme x

  6. Right. I have called the coppers and they are coming around to issue an injunction! Ha!

    We are a right pair aren't we. I pinned that apron. You repinned and bought it. Then you IG'd it and I then had to go an buy it. So you could say I copied you. I love how we all get ideas from each other. I'll probably wear my pinny like you as an over garment.

    What will you make with the yarn? It'd good stuff isn't it?


  7. I missed this post. Love it! Your embroidery is gorgeous.

    I would look an absolute numpty in that apron but I love it. Make it! You will look a beaut in it, you've totally got the right shape. I'm too flat-chested and wide hipped.


  8. Hi!

    your cardigan looks amazing! I too saw Cuckoo's photos on Instagram and knew instantly that I had to try it too. I scoured the shops last week for a suitable cardigan to 'pimp' but couldn't find anything I liked! (Although I was convinced it needed to be navy although your fuchsia one looks fab!).

    I'm just writing up a blog post now about some of the embroidery I've done from Make (a small rose to start with). I'll put in a little link to this blog post if that's ok? I want to show my readers how fab it looks on a cardigan :)



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