Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Boy....

Hello all!!

This weekend has been H's birthday - as we are off on holiday soon and we have W's birthday next week we had to think of an inexpensive treat and so it was that we had not one, but four teenage boys on Saturday night:

Aren't they just so BIG?!! 

It seems impossible that just 14 short years ago H looked like this:

Look at all of Mr G's hair!!

In both of the above pics H was still in hospital - there was a bit of hoopla when he was born, after a 23 1/2 hour labour & forceps delivery it was discovered that H had an abnormal red eye reflex and we had to wait 24 hours to be sent to another hospital for the eye specialist to tell us if the problem was just confined to the eye or was indeed more serious (rubella or toxaplasmosis during my pregnancy being possible).

It was the longest 24 hours, but luckily it turned out to be cysts on H's pupils which gave him no trouble and he grew out of. The next day we took our baby home but two days later we had to return as H was very poorly with what turned out to be a urine infection and jaundice. He was in hospital a week and the pictures were taken in the newborn unit as H got better.

Of course now he is a strapping lad, taller than me and eating us out of house and home:

H and his friends were very good - we thought we were going to be in for a long night but despite playing xBox & PC all night (fortified by pop, Haribo and Pringles) they were very quiet. We moved the computer and console into the boys room for a treat - we normally insist on having all those things downstairs so we can keep an eye on what they are up to.

On the craft front, I've finished a few things this week:

Embroidered cardi shamlessly copied inspired by the lovely Cuckoo

Funny looking terrier made from a vintage pattern and my old jeans....

Machine & hand embroidery of our house....

Travel wallet for our hols (I did rotate this but Blogger doesn't want to play)....

So that's all I have to report this week - next weekend it's W's birthday and so we have more boys for a sleepover, presents and cakes to make (W has requested a chocolate hedgehog again!!)

I've realised I am only managing a blog post a week at the moment, which is a bit rubbish - it's not so easy to blog now I have an iPad - my laptop is painfully slow and so I have to wait for Mr G to let me borrow his laptop.

Does anyone else blog on an iPad? I have used the Blogsy app but am not very impressed with it - any other suggestions would be gratefully received....


S x

BTW thanks for all the lovely comments about my sewing room - you lot really are lovely!!


  1. Happy birthday to that young man - very grown up looking. It seems to happen overnight doesn't it - one minute cute & cuddly and the next a giant, hairy thing!!

    Love the house embroidery - so pretty :)

  2. Hello lovely!
    What a smashing bunch of lads they are!- what a lovely birthday treat too.
    And, what amazing things you have made- that dog is just the cutest! And your machine embroidery is beautiful.
    You are so clever and talented.
    Have a super week.
    PS: I blog on an iPad and it's ok- although there are quite a few things I cannot do (I have to nick the Mister's laptop to change the layout, for example)

  3. Where did your baby go? Cute baby pics. I really like your stitched house picture. I'd like to make one like that. Perhaps this summer!

  4. So glad I stumbled across your blog today! I've never even thought of customising my clothes by embroidering into them. I might have to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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