Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Jubilee Weekend....

Hello dear girls!!

How has your Jubilee weekend been? Has the weather held for you?

Our started with a bit of a palaver - I booked my groceries to be delivered on Friday from a very large and well known supermarket, they were meant to come by 1.00pm.

The shopping was delivered at 6.40pm!!

Normally this wouldn't have been too much of an issue, but I had the afternoon clear so I could do some serious baking for our Jubilee picnic on Saturday. As it was I had rush about doing it all in the evening:

Chocolate cupcakes; (very) pink coconut cupcakes and cheese & onion pasties - also made chorizo puffs

We were finally all set and on Saturday I dressed in my red, white and blue and did Victory rolls in my hair as we were going to the Vintage Victorious festival at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard:

Using Gem's patented method for taking a self portrait (when we got back, hence no red lippy)....
BTW how freckly am I?!!

We picked up my Mum and then went down to Southsea common to meet my Sis and family for a picnic before the festival. 

Naturally, as soon as we alighted from the car it began to rain. I was not a happy bunny. It was also freezing. We managed to find a sheltered spot and sat down to picnic in the spitting rain. Very British.

I put a neckerchief on my head to keep of the rain:

Won't part with my shades though....

We spent too much time eating our goodies than taking pics:

Pimms from a teacup, anyone?

However, soon enough the sun made an appearance:



Mr G and our brother-in-law took the kids (except H, who decided it was "for babies") to the fair for an hour or so and after that Sis and family went off whilst we headed to the vintage festival.

The Victorious Vintage event had been billed as a mixture of music, vintage stalls and traders and other entertainment and had the historic dockyard as it's setting:

HMS Warrier

Of course there were plenty of photo opps, but all done by phone I'm afraid as we had gone and left the camera in the car:

Eeeeeek!! My waist is not quite that wide, silly belt slipped!!

HMS Victory

It was very pleasant in the historic dockyard - its one of those places you live near but rarely visit, but we pledged to return another time as Mr G and the boys rather fancied going round the ships themselves.

Victorious Vintage was a wee bit disappointing, there were very few stallholders or visitors dressed up and only a handful of true vintage stalls - the rest were selling handmade jewellery, etc so not even vintagey at all. And only one stall selling haberdashery items - no vintage fabrics to be had.

As one of the few attendees with the necessary Victory rolls I was complimented on my hair which made my day!!

Soon we had weary feet and so it was time to head home but not before a picture with my Mummy:

Just before I took my hair down, I remembered to take a pic of the back:

A bit fuzzy by now....

I had slept the night before in rags (actually my socks!!) to achieve the required curls, and when I took Victory roll 'do out that, combined with plenty of teasing, gel and hair spray resulted in BIG hair:

Sunday was spent watching the flotilla on and off and complaining about the great British weather!!

Phew!! This has turned into a mammoth post!! Thanks for reading!!
Until next time....


S x


  1. Your hair looks fab! It must have taken a while to get those rolls in. You all look so patriotic and happy and the photo of you and your mum is just gorgeous you are so alike. x
    Oh p.s. love your frock too x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day celebrating the jubilee with the family. All of that home baked food looks delish! I was just reminded of how yummy lunch was at yours the other day, I was telling Ray all about it. haha I love being pregnant! No more slimming world for me! :-)

    Your hair look incredible... that would have taken me Forever to even attempt to get my hair looking similar! Very pretty! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  3. You looked AMAZING (say A.M.A.Z.I.N.G in slow Gary Barlow accent for full accent)and I love that dress. TOTALLY.
    You rock victory curls and I am naturally loving the self portrait!!!! Hee hee, it really is the only thing I can do properly!!!
    Glad you had a wonderful time darling, like Mr G's t shirt too.


  4. how totally cute you & your mum are all dressed up! :) the stuff you baked looks super tasty. sorry you were a tad disappointed.

  5. Ooooo, missus! I LOVE your hair in the Victory rolls too! (Like Gem, I also hear Gary Barlow saying AMAAAAAZING!)
    What a fabulous day you had- (it's funny, only the other day, I was telling the Mister we ought to go and see HMS Victory)

    May I say, I also love the sultry big hair pic too- you are SOOOOOOO glam.

    Must organise another luncheon with Gem and Ashley soon. (I will try to curtail the choking child, I promise!)

    Enjoy the rest of your week, hon

  6. Look at you, lovely lady! What a great day out for you and your family. So patriotic and quintessentially British! Thanks for hsaring your pics. Things weren't quite as "queenly" here in Canada - but I was still able to watch the events on CBC.

  7. Love the hair! Looks like you all had a good time despite the weather :)
    I too had trouble with my grocery delivey that weekend - In fact it didn`t arrive until the next day LOL.So it was a mad rush to the local shop for what they had left :)


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