Monday, 11 June 2012

Sewing Room Tour?

Hello my sweeties!!

As I had a tidy up in there today I thought maybe you would like an official tour of my sewing room?:

For ages the spare room was a junk room - a dumping ground for all things we couldn't find a home for and the ironing mountain pile. The room would more often than not would look like we had been burgled!!

The boys shared the bigger room and quite adamantly didn't want their own rooms (up until H being about 11 they even shared the double bed of a triple sleeper, bless).

So, I took over the room to be my girl cave. It's only small, approx 8' square but I have crammed a lot into it:

Unfortunately, the tumble dryer has to live in here as Mr G has banned it from his garage so I've put a cloth on it and hidden it behind the ironing board.

The table was my Dad's and is a good size as I have one of the "leafs" up so I have room next to the machine and also plenty of space around the corner.

The chair was a cheapy from eBay which I re-covered and the wheels make it easy to whizz about my little room without even have to get off my bum!!

FIL made the thread holder for me but annoyingly the cats keep putting their feet on it when they go out of the window (to sit on the garage roof) so keep breaking pegs off.

I have some Ikea pots hanging off a rail that have scissors, pliers, spare feet and other odds and sods in.

On the windowsill is my cute vintage Jones sewing machine, I need to get it looked at as it refuses to sew properly:

Hung above the table you can see Mr G's family christening gown, H and W both wore it as did Mr G and other members of the famly. Next to that his my Dad's clock - I need to paint the inside of it.

The glass dresser was another eBay bargain and houses all my fabric and books. The top of it is a bit of a mess but I have nowhere else to put that stuff so it'll have to do.

Here you can see Dolly my duct tape dressform (yep, I really am that size/shape!!) Above is a shelf with little scrapbooks, the boys Thomas set (kept by me for sentimental reasons!!) and their handprints.

The other side of the room there is my inspiration board and above that a recycled DVD rack that makes a fab shelf to hold my jars of ribbons and buttons. 

At the top left of this pic you can see my wedding shoes!!

The cupboard below houses misc craft items and was a fiver (again eBay!!):

On top are more jars of bits and bobs and my little collection of vintage thread:

So, that's my little room!! 

Typically, since I've taken it over the boys have now decided that they would like their own rooms, so I have been feeling a bit bad about having this room to myself - for years it was free and H & W were happy sharing and then six months after I claim they decide a room each would be better!!

Mr G tells me not to be daft, as its not even as though the boys spend lots of time in their room - they literally just sleep in there as the PC & xBox are both downstairs as we don't want the boys shut away - it's bad enough the amount of time they spend on their without them being shut upstairs too. So I guess they have missed the window of opportunity!!

We've had a quiet weekend, mostly spent indoors due to the yucky weather - we're very glad we have a proper holiday booked this year!!

S x


  1. Oh my.... This is a proper girl-cave, isn't it?!!!
    It all looks gorgeous and I am very envious.
    Love all the sentimental things in this room, too- the wedding shoes and the boy's things are so lovely. How inspiring.

    Please can I come and play at your house?!

  2. Have serious workroom envy! How lovely to be able to do a bit if crafting and then just shut the door without having to clear it all away because someone needs table to eat at/do homework on/play scrabble, etc! Love every bit of it ... Claire xxx

  3. Hello, your room looks lovely, I'm sure spending time in there makes you happy resulting in a happy mummy, which in turn benefits the boys! Follow my logic! Enjoy your room and don't feel guilty we mums are too good at that! :)

  4. I love your craft room Sarah, it's got so many lovely nooks and shelves full of wonderful things! I especially love the corner above your desk with the lovely white shelf hanging above the desk. Perfect!



  5. This is the most amazing room! I could set up camp and not leave for days!! I have serious room envy!
    No wonder you create such amazing treasures with a sewing room like this!

    love esme x

  6. Right that is it. I am turning up with a gargantuan box of chocs, a note book and pen and I am moving in. While we scoff, you can tell me how to jazz up furniture and I shall take note. Then we can have tea. And cake. And you can teach me to use a sewing machine. And we can say "Nooooo" to the boys. NO NO NO. This is your private Idaho, you NEED to escape from the men! Have no guilt darl.

  7. Fab room. I'm hoping to finish my sewing room in the next few weeks - 1 side looks lovely but the other 3 are a mess!!! Xx

  8. Love your room wish I had one like that x

  9. What a gorgeous little crafting room - i have dreams of getting an extra room just to make myself something girlie and similar. Until then I'm banished with my sewing machine to a corner in the living room! I love how you keep your old vintage sewing machine on the window still.

  10. What a lovely room! I can totally see why you enjoy working in there. Such a feminine space for just you!!

  11. I love it - do you want to come and sort my sewing room for me??

    Ours doubles as a spare room so I've 1/3 of the space and the other 2/3 is bed and wardrobe with camping gear in!!

  12. I just had to read this post again this morning, I loved it so much yesterday. Wanted to linger over all of these lovely photos and drink in all of the pretty details. I'd love to pop over and have a rummage through that gorgeous cupboard, your little pots and jars and that amazing little unit that you bought and fabbed up - I'd love something like that. Going to search on ebay for one.

    You have a fab ability to mix prints and colours, just like CK. I struggle with it and some of my rooms are looking a little contrived so I plan to mix it up a bit this summer and incorporate a few choice fabrics to jazz things up a bit.

    Sooo inspirational - this is the stuff you do best my lovely.

    Nicki xx

  13. Hello from Australia I love your room and all the beautiful things in it. A girl needs her own space to dream and craft in. Your very tallented I love the way you transform items into chic things. EvE

  14. hellooo lovely x dont feel guilty as i remember loving sharing a room with my twinny. and like you say boys shut away with computer games isnt great its better there with you down stairs...I adore your creative craft space and all your personality shining through and lovely shabby chic heaven ;0)x

    my kitchen is abit packed full to the rafters with my arty crafty stuff i wish i had my own room, even my own bedroom to have it all in there. ;0)

  15. The room is gorgeous can you come and do mine?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  16. What a lovely space to create in! Gorgeous room Sarah! X

  17. Ahhh lovely! It's soooo pretty and inspiring! I can't wait to get all my stuff (Mr would call it crap!) in one place once (feeling sick about moving but hope we can pull it off this time!) once we move in the spare room!!! Lovely, lovely post :)

    Jo x x

  18. Lucky you, it's a beautiful room. I would LOVE a craft room (I posted in my previous blog life about being 'the wandering crafter'. I move from room to room downstairs, but never actually any space just for me (sighs in a sad self-pitying way). XX

  19. Lovely sewing room Sarah!
    You've given me some ideas, like the cd rack and the Ikea rail with tubs on....

    Thanks for sharing, you are a lucky lady!


    Sandie xx

  20. It's gorgeous! I've got total craft room envy. I love every little corner of it and could spend a good few hours just taking it all in. When I get the chance I would love a dressform too,you clever thing! xx

  21. hi there, just found your lovely blog, I am in love with your sewing room completely!!
    BH x

  22. Hi Sarah, really been enjoying your blog. I've passed the Versatile Blogger Award your way. If you choose to accept it it'll be live on my blog ( tomorrow. Thanks and have a lovely day! Anna. x

  23. I hope my girl cave looks like yours, full to the brim with lots of inspiring bits and bats for making. It feels a tad.......empty in mine right no. But Rome wasn't built in a day.

    Don't you dare feel bad about the boys not having a room each. My boys have a room each but we are always finding Bill in with Teddy!!


  24. Lovely room sarah - and my boys DO have a room each but still insist on sharing!
    And I never thought of having a dressform in one's own size....genius. I'm new to clothes sewing and dislike the fear that what I'm making (usually with huge effort) may not even fit.
    Bit worried that my dressform would be so top heavey it wouldn't stand up though!!!!
    fee x

    Oh my goodness, this is just gorgeous, well done you for creating such a beautiful space :)
    Sue xx

  26. LOVE your room! So cute and clever. I am seriously envying you just now ;-)

  27. oh sarah I love your sewing room... in fact i have sewing room envy!! I have more of a sewing corner in our bedroom... which in all truthfulness should actually be a work desk!! although I also have my ribbon and buttons stored in jars with cath kidston stickies on them!! lovely room and dont feel guilty, with three boys around the house you need a little girly escape!! xxx

  28. I am so envious of this room - it's amazing!

  29. THAT is a proper girl's cave. I love it.
    I have a room for sewing, unfortunately, it is also the room where I do my ironong (once in a blue moon) with mountains of clean laundry. It's also used for storing craft and art materials and should make a nice space for painting (if I ever have the morivation to start that up again)
    Let's just say, it doesn't look anything as good as yours does.
    Patricia xxx...x

  30. lovely little room!I have just recently tried to pretty up my sewing room,it also doubles as my bedroom and I have the ironing board in there and the clothes drying rack in the winter when i can't get washing on the line outside(well,also in the summer too really,lol!)I painted the walls white,made new curtains and made some pink bunting to hang at the window...I'd like some shelves,but I'm not brave enough to use the drill! You have inspired me to paint some furniture though. thanks.

  31. Hi there, your room looks fab and I was wondering what model Jones sewing machine it was on the window? A friends daughter wants to learn machine sewing and was donated the same model machine from her Gran. I am trying to get it working again.


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