Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday (AKA I Can't Think Of A Title)....

Hello my lovely readers!! I hope you're all having a good week despite the frrrrreeeezing weather?

Personally I much prefer this crisp, cold weather to the usual mild-ish, wet-ish weather we get - give me bitterly cold and sparkling with frost any day. That's what I call a proper winter. 

I don't have a whole lot to report really, I've not long got back today from my Mum's - she lives on Hayling Island:

Hayling is connected to the mainland via a bridge. My Mum, Dad, Sis and I moved there in 1988 from Nottinghamshire and a couple of months later I met Mr G.

It was a good place to be a teenager (I was 15) - there was the beach which having come from the Midlands was a huge novelty, a fun fair (where I met Mr G) and arcades and much more to do than there was in our northern ex-mining village. Plus our school was one of the first to have a continental timetable and so we finished at 2.30pm each day!!

Mr G and I bought our first home together on Hayling, but we moved off in 2000 when I was pregnant with W - bigger houses cost a lot more on the island and at the time Mr G worked miles away in Bracknell and the journey off the island added a fair bit to the commute (one road on and off you see).

My Mum and Stepdad now live a lovely little bungalow that backs on to the former railway line (which is now a cycle/bridleway). 

I met my Sis down there and we made our way through Mum's considerable stack of trashy and home magazines while she made us doorstop sandwiches and a bowl of chips from her new Actifry machine - the chips were fab!! Honestly, just like deep fried ones and as they cooked with just a tablespoon of oil they are only 3% fat. 

I now want an Actifry. And an iPad. And a DSLR camera.

And a chihuahua (Mr G is still not budging).

On the way back home I stopped by one of my sources for junk/vintage furniture and picked up a couple of bits - I'm going to try and be better at taking "before" pictures, I always get halfway through and realise I've forgotten:

Double headboard - this  will look fab in Old White with a touch of dark wax to highlight the moulding. Very French I think....

Another (very dusty) trolley....

I'll be sure to post pics after their transformations....


S x


  1. I have an actifry that my MIL bought us for Christmas two years ago - we love it. It's also great for making fajitas and other stuff - so much healthier and doesn't make your house smell horrid either!

    I took delivery of a cockpot slow Cooke today - soooo excited to use it! How sad!

    Nicki xx

  2. Ps I just wrote that with my iPad - hence the typos... So annoying commenting on iPad as it wot let me back up and fix the typos.... Grrr get a laptop! :)

  3. i loved growing up on an island too...right by the beach. we had a causeway which would get covered at high tide, but it was quite nice to know we were cut off from tourists during the busy days in summer ;0). must have been lovely for you to spend time with your family ;0)x ...i was ill at christmas sarah, but this was a weired tummy bug i think thankful seems to be passing. i had to alter the top part of my dress as my boobies didnt fit the way sarah your beautiful ;0) xx

  4. ....think i prefer the damp more humid weather- mainly cos my heating bill is rocketing and very hard to not put it on in such cold weather ;0(


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