Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Tree and a Ta Dah!!

Hello my lovelies, I hope I find you well? Are you enjoying this beautiful weather? Are you bearing in mind this will probably be our summer like it has been the last two years?!!

I have made an Easter tree, I've wanted one the last couple of years and never got around to it but when I found some plastic eggs in Poundland that were begging to be painted I couldn't resist:

Naturally, I used Annie Sloan paint on them and then decoupaged them with Cath Kidston tissues:

See, this is where Mr G works while I faff around with stuff....

They were originally on my Christmas twigs but on Sunday our neighbour chopped down his huge twisted hazel so I begged him for some branches. I had been eyeing the tree for the last few weeks wanting a few twigs but the branches were too high, when I saw our neighbour up his ladders I was out there like a shot!!

Now for the Ta Dah - when I saw Sarah's tutorial over at Annaboo's House for her fabulous Croch-shade I had to have a go:

Notice the schoolgirl error where I ran out of pink so had to do the last bit plain?

I've been trying to sort out our holiday, we've booked a caravan in an olive grove on Zakynthos but to save money are flying to the mainland so I have been trying to coordinate flights, ferries, car hire - and am already beginning to wonder whether it's worth all the effort!!

Plus it was a bit of a shock to find out it'll cost £350 for the dogs to go into kennels - it'd be cheaper to take them with us I reckon!!

Anyway, have a lovely week....


S x



  1. Beautiful eggs! How on earth did you paint them so well? Mine were very hard to paint!! And what a great idea to use the tissue.

    Looks lovely.


  2. Love your Easter tree but, like the pink jug more!
    Which reminds me, I've got some Easter bits up in the loft, must get some Kind person to go up there and get the box down for me....

    `No it's not an error, you designed your shade that way!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  3. Oh that looks lush my girl!! God I'd never achieve anything like that, although I have just started a new granny square blanket, a giant one, which I will complete if it kills me!
    I've started a pink one and a blue one, but for some reason, they haven't grown much!!!
    I think you are a clever cookie, and Sarah at Annaboo's House for doing it. To me, it was beyond complication.
    See you soon, let's get the party started!

  4. love the lampshade love the eggs what more can i say , oh yes how much wow ,sometimes you can get dod sitters at there houses maybe an option ? xx

  5. I love your easter tree and the eggs are beaut!!! I'm going to copy, be warned. My Easter tree is 'going up' this weekend (mine is just a bunch of regular twigs from the fields opposite our house!).

    Love your photos - look how artistically Mr G is blurred out in the background!!! :-)

    Nicki xxx

  6. sarah, you continue to amaze me with the things you make & do. i hope your trip is wonderful. :)

  7. I can't believe how quickly Easter is creepimg up on me. Will have to get some decorations out at the weekend. Have hung a garland or 2 but that's as far as it goes at the moment. Loving the lampshade, very pretty colours. Dev x

  8. can i come over for easter? hehe ;0)x your home looks so beautiful!!!!!! x
    happy tripping- think the doggers better come at that price ;0)x


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