Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hello all - did you have a lovely Easter? Was your body weight in chocolate consumed (as is the law)?!!

We had a quiet one, a bit of pottering, sewing and painting - we saw my Mum, did the obligatory garden centre visit and had lunch at Mr G's parents.

On Monday while it rained I roped Mr G into painting our dining chairs mismatched colours:

I mixed my own colours for these using Annie Sloan Old White with a bit of Emperors Silk for the pink and some Aubusson to make the blue. The other two we did in Duck Egg and Paris Grey. 

I've been playing with my new camera and took a couple of pics of my gorgeous niece E:

This one really captures "her"....

As the mother of two boys who has done with have babies I do hanker after a girl terribly. I ADORE my two boys but I so wanted more (nasty pregnancy sickness which put me off and Mr G's reluctance put paid to that) and being a very girly girl I would have loved a daughter.

Luckily, I can "share" E but I do feel sad I won't have the close relationship that girls and their mums have, the choosing of the wedding dress, the girly days out and so on. I just hope I get a couple of lovely daughter-in-laws!!

E looks just like my gorgeous sister....

Yesterday, my friend came round for tea so I could help her with her first quilt and our other friend C called to say that her horse Bella had been struck by lightening and killer instantly while she was in her field :0( It was such a shock, our friend is devastated.

Bella was a classic BOGOF, having been found one morning in the stable with her mother whom C never knew was pregnant so it is a wee bit spooky that she was taken as unexpectedly as she arrived....

In all my years of having horses I have never even heard of such a thing, and must admit when we had another hailstorm complete with thunder and lightening this afternoon I did find myself fretting a little about my horses:


So, not much else to report (as usual) - am beginning to think I'm in a blogging dead end, are you all really interested in my wafflings? It is all a bit same old, same old.....

I love having my little space on the web, I just hope I am not boring you....


S x


  1. LOVE the chairs!! soo cute :)
    esme x

  2. The chairs look fantastic Sarah and no, you are not boring me. I don't comment every post but I do read every one. :) Hopefully your blog is as much for you as a record as it is to share with us. Sometimes I think I'm doing nothing with my life and then I do a little revisiting of my old posts. I realise I am quietly achieving, going about the business of being a homemaker, wife, mum....being creative with sewing, painting and crochet.
    Very sorry to hear about your friends horse. I've never heard of a horse dying that way.
    Have a fabulous day,
    Anne xx

  3. i like your chairs. your niece does look like your gorgeous sister. i'm sorry about the horse. ;(

  4. I love your blog, Sarah, I check it every day!

  5. The chairs are fab and look lovely with the tablecloth. We've just had a hail shower that looks like your pictures - just got the washing and toys in, in time! Please don't stop blogging - we'll miss you too much! And it's good to share the boring bits too - makes it more real. Have a good day!

  6. It is most Definitely not just the same old.. same old! I love reading your posts and know a lot of other people do to. I know where your coming from though.. I haven't posted for a little while because of being away but my motivation seems to have b*ggered off somewhere!!

    Beautiful photo's, isn't your sister pretty. I wish my skin was that clear! Sorry to hear about your friends horse... how awful...

    Ashley xxx

  7. No, not boring at all, keep it up! I admit to not commenting as often as I should but I always enjoy your posts. The chairs look fabulous and I'm so tempted to have a go with the Annie Sloane Paint I've heard so much about.
    The horse story was so very sad, it's incredible isn't it, poor thing.
    Kandi x

  8. Love those chairs, i'm still trying to talk my other half into the same !! we have 4 painted coton white with ck seats but the other 4 really need colour !!! lol
    Such a sad story about the horse, a friend of mine from many years ago the same happened to her horse .. so sad .. my thoughts with the horsey friend xxxxx

  9. not boring me ! love to see your waffling !

  10. I love reading your blog, and it is also a great record to look back on. So sad to hear about your friends horse. The chairs are really pretty. Do you find it easy to use the Annie Sloan paint?

  11. Yeah I was just thinking what a boring read this is......YOU SILLY GOOSE! WE ALL LOVE YA!

    In the immortal words of Mr Darcy, "I like you, just as you are"

    So don't go changing anything at all. This is your space and we are lucky you let us in. I Have even made a note of the paints you used on the chairs as I have my Bird Box make over waiting in the wings.


    ps, I have gained so much weight this Easter holiday that the jeans I needed a belt on least they slipped down now hardly do up and they hurt my skin! Back to healthy nutritious eating on Monday.

  12. Hi i dont always comment but always love a read to catch up with whats happening, i love your blog,its so interesting. Your home looks beautiful and its def not boring! I share your phobia so i so know where you are coming from with that! People always say "oh i have that" but they dont realise its more than just disliking being sick!
    So sorry to hear about your friends horse,pass on my thoughts.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Hi, I'm fairly new to your blog. I love your chairs, I've been meaning to do ours different colours for a while but never seem to get around to it. What a shame about that horse, I would have been devastated. I know what you mean about having girls, I also have boys, three, and was also terribly sick and would love a girl but don't fancy starting again and it would probably be another boy. I just hope I have the type of relationship with their wives and children as I do with my mother in law. I see how my brothers don't really bother that much with my mum, one only visiting at Christmas mainly and hope that's not what it will be like with me and my boys.

  14. Well I have just found and subscribed to your blog, so you are far from a blogging dead end! It's a fab blog by the way :)
    love the chairs. I am itching to crack out the paint for the numerous pieces of furniture in my house that needs shabby chicing, but we have nowhere but the garden to paint so I am forced to wait for the warmer weather :(
    So sad to hear about the horse. Reminds me of something similar happening to elephants. I used to be very horsey as a teenager, so I know the love those 4 legged beasts have to give.

    Linzi - Homely Missus


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