Thursday, 3 May 2012

Triple Chocolate Cookies - Mmmmmmm!!

Hello all!!

We were recently delighted to be asked to review Domino's Triple Chocolate Cookies – as you know here at Shabby Chic HQ we are fans of baked goods!!

The new flavour are dark chocolate cookies loaded with dark, milk and white chocolate chips – they come warm and are £3.25 for a box of four.

The cookies smelled wonderful as soon as we got them, just like home baking. Each cookie was average biscuit size but generously thick and they were packed with choc chips:

In fact, they were more like chocolate chunks!! I had mine with my favourite cinnamon latte:

The cookie had exactly the right amount of crunch/gooey ratio – and were being served warm were a real treat:

To be honest they were so nice you could easily slip a couple of boxes onto a baking sheet and pass them off as your own!! Mary Berry eat your heart out!!

H and W, being growing lads, particularly enjoyed them:

All-in-all, we would all highly recommend them – they are great with a coffee or a cuppa but would also be a lovely dessert with some ice-cream.

Yum yum!!


  1. Is it wrong to be wanting to eat those cookies before I've eaten breakfast?

    They look scrummy, I think we may bake later, I feel a cookie baking session occurring!


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