Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hello lovelies!!

Gosh I've been a bit slack about blogging this week, not sure what happened there!!

This weeks Friday flowers were stocks:

Unfortunately, they were a disappointment as they were dead by Monday!! My flowers usually last a week, so I shan't be buying stocks again!!

We put the pool up and so we are now guaranteed a rubbish summer!!:
W in his new shades "Because I don't want wrinkles from squinting" and Daisy who jumps in if she thinks she missing something!!

On Sunday we went down to the New Forest to visit my Stepmum, Stepgranny and little brother - we thought the traffic would be terrible but it was just a bit slow near Lyndhurst.

The drive is very pretty:

Stepmum had laid on a lovely BBQ, and Mr G being the only man, naturally took over:

We also had a yummy pud:

Mmmmm, could just eat it now!!

And after lunch Mr G, H, W and my lil' brother had a Nerf battle!!:

Crafting wise I have made a few things, but it's been a bit hot (I. Don't. Do. Heat.) for much:

 Yarn wreath....

Flower for my hair on Jubilee day....

I will have to love you and leave you now as Mr G needs the laptop!!

S x


  1. lovely post sarah, love stocks, but agree they have a short life after pickings. I find M&s mixed roses with carnations the best, last two weeks on a really good week! hehe ;0)x when i last brought them they were 2.99.
    I try to buy from the market to help traders, but i find there flowers are already reaching the end of shelf life and have been a bit disappointed too...though the sweet willys (what we call sweet william lol) lasted two weeks and are still going!!!!!! amazingly!. saved me a few quid this week - yay ;0)
    ive noticed how lovely some of the fake flower are lately- very realistic ;0)
    though you cant beat real ones.

    love the summery pics huni,

    happy jubilee,

    x kazzy x

  2. Glad you are back! don't worry about missing some blog days - you can blog about anything unless you have made the memories and taken the pictures first! You wreath is adorable, by the way. Can't wait to see pics of your Jubilee event!

  3. That yarn wreath is beautiful and so is the flower. You will look as pretty as a peach my lovely!
    Mr G is looking trim, is he doing well on the diet or what??!!
    Need my Shabby Chic Sarah fix soon, let's sort out a date after half term (I will know how my work is looking then too).
    Muchos love
    x x x x x

  4. sarah, what a pretty yarn wreath, flowers, & fun photos! the strawberries look yummy. :)


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