Tuesday, 4 October 2011

H, The Budding Photographer....

On Saturday before we had to start moving everything round and painting for the floors to go down we took a walk to one of our favourite spots. H was in charge of the camera and we discovered he has a bit of an eye for it - he is desperate for me to show you his photos.

Daisy & Milo in the lake:

Look, he even captured the splash of the ball and the dogs in mid-air in this one!!

They are both so desperate to carry the ball they try and mug each other for it.... 

Daisy always tugs on Milo's collar and if he is not wearing one she will tug on the scruff of his neck!!

I love the jaunty angle of this one....

Considering the pics were taken with the same mediocre camera I use I think H has done really well, some of these are very good!! It was the first time we had let have free use of the camera and we'll definitely let him be in charge again....

On the flooring front we have the laminate down in the bedrooms (it looks fabby, photos to follow soon) but have encountered a problem in the bathroom, I went to rip up the lino yesterday evening and the area of floor under the sink (which is just chipboard) was wet through - something was leaking. 

Mr G had a look and luckily the leak was easy enough to sort but of course we are now having to wait for the boards to dry out - thankfully the leak can't have been going for long because the floor isn't spongy or damaged, just wet.

So, there is a delay on my lovely Cath Kidston tiles - hopefully our chap will be able to return at the end of the week to fit them....

Come back tomorrow for giveaway news!!


S x


  1. Great photo's, I'm very impressed! :) Adorable doggies too!
    My OH bought a new camera today, and I had to carry it half way home for him as he had a lecture. I was terrified of dropping it!
    Ashley x

  2. Oh bravo H!! Jolly good pics.

    Lucky you had the leak before the tiles got laid hey!


  3. Hi Sarah, lovely photos. We too have chipboard floors and they are a real pain. Our bathroom floor has warped where it's been wet before and now we need to replace it. Happy days! Lesley x

  4. Darling, do tell me, does Mr G love Cath Kidston? If not, how does he tolerate it in the house? I don't think I could get away with Cath K tiles!!!
    Your house is so pretty and girlie, I can't believe you live with three boys!
    x x

  5. The photos taken by H are wonderful. Your dogs are very cute. :) Looking forward to those floor photos and is there anything Cath Kidson doesn't do? We don't have much of her stuff over here.
    Have a great day,
    Anne xx

  6. those dog photos are full of joy!


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