Monday, 31 October 2011

Zombie Alert!!!!

Zombie H:

Zombie W:

Scary, eh?!!

The boys had a friend each over for trick or treating and I set about turning three of them into zombies - face-paints of course, fake blood made of honey, syrup and red food colouring (it looked soooooo real!!) and scabs made of aforementioned fake blood and oats!!

It was a case of loosening the aprons strings a little too as for the first time they went out without me or Mr G accompanying them - we figured at 13 1/2 H and his friend M were old enough to ensure the younger boys were OK.

I always agonise over these decisions, I remember the first time I let them walk to the corner shop on their own was a big milestone!! I can't begin to imagine what'll be like in a few years when they are off out and I have no idea where they will be. 

With my anxiety I find it all a bit stressful - my sister has let my nephew out with friends during the day for ages now, but I'm still not keen!!

I have been busy today working on a few pieces of furniture I have in to do, including my first commission!! 

We picked up a gorgeous Regency style sideboard, a little dresser top which I have painted Wedgewood blue and a French style demi-lune table. No pics yet but watch this space!!


S x


  1. They look really great! Did they come home with a bumper stash of goodies?!

    We haven't had anyone trick or treating - I'm really disappointed!

    Looking forward to more fugly to fab goodies from SCS...

    Nicki xx

  2. Your boys look fantastic and well done for lengthening the apron strings a little more. It's SO hard! :)
    Congrats on your first commission too. Fantastic news.
    Anne xx

  3. they look like perfect zombies! they must have some fabulous mom with mad make-up artist skills or something.

  4. i keep trying to comment on your posts and it just disappears!?...think my blogger is having a funny turn?! the scarey kids! how fabby!!!! bet they had fun!...we dont do trick or treating mainly because some of my neighbours are quite elderly and dont like it...but i had lots of chocs in ;0) and we'd had a sppoky gathering at my mothers at the weekend.
    enjoy the must be full of furniture ;0)xxxx


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