Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Very Belated Ta-Dah....

If you cast your minds way back to July you may remember the vintage dressing table?

I decided I wanted a vintage kidney shaped dressing table after seeing a pic of this Cath Kidston one:

After scouring eBay I found and won this one:

It was originally from Harrods in the '60's....

The plan was to reupholster it in a striped fabric similar to the CK, unfortunately at £20 a metre the real fabric was going to be too expensive so I went out and bought some alternative blue floral stripe. I then reupholstered the top in it, did my back in (sciatica) and then decided I hated the fabric (fortunately before making the skirts).

So, the remaining fabric went on eBay and I bought some more expensive, wide duck egg striped. When my back was better I reupholstered the top and made the skirts and it was done.

And I hated it!!

I decided the fabric was too wishy washy and looked like it should be in a little girls room. I bought more fabric (by now I had spent so much I could have bought the real CK fabric!!) - Mr G thought I was mad - and today I finished it!!:

I'm really pleased with it now (at last!!) - third time lucky!!


S x


  1. Sarah, it's fabulous and I love the fabric. Always inspiring. Lesley x

  2. oh i do love your makeovers sarah- really beautiful/inspiring!!!! love the fabric too x

    my mum had that exact same shape as the cath kidston one- but my nanny gave it to my brothers daughter i was sooooo jealous! hehe ;0)x

  3. Sarah you clever lady. Your dressing room table looks fabulous.

  4. It is suuuuuper! You did a fab job. Oh I do love it very much. I'd love a big dressing table but there's not the space for it in our room. I rather fancy turning the spare room into my dressing room but that is doubling up as a sewing room so I can't do that untill Mr C gives me his study....I wont hold my breath even though he said I could have it. He'll never get around to organising his stuff. Never mind, I'll happily admire yours!


  5. I've been dying to know what you were going to do with this piece. Ah it is fab. Did you take pics of the other two versions you made?
    This looks great, clever lass aren't thee?!

  6. sarah, you are very good at what you do. that's the truth.

  7. Seriously gorgeous.
    Clever, clever you, as always.

  8. It's lovely Sarah and I'm glad you finally have a version you are happy with. I'm sure Mr G. is too! :)
    Enjoy your day,

    Anne xx

  9. its really nice I prefer it to the ck one its a far nicer piece of furniture
    xx fee


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