Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Furniture and Other Bits....

Hello my lovelies!!

I've been a wee bit absent of late as I have had several bits of furniture I have been working on.

A couple of bathroom cabinets:

A set of nesting tables:

A little dinky table:

And a cupboard that was once an orange pine Hi-Fi cabinet:

I've sold the nest tables and one of the bathroom cabinets already, which is lovely because it means I have enough money for Mr G's 40th birthday present (which is in 3 weeks) - and he doesn't have to buy it himself!!

In the evenings, in front of the telly I have been making some quilted hexagon fabric which I am going to use to upholster the French chair in our room:

It's my first attempt at piecing a quilt but hand and I'm finding it very therapeutic!!

Mr G has a school reunion on Friday - we've decided not to go. We decided it would just be people you don't really want to see and depressing to see how old everyone looks!! 

I said "The only reason a person should go is if they want to try and get off with their school crush" and Mr G replied "Well, I married my school crush" - awwwwww bless!! Maybe I'll forgive him for leaving his pants on the landing after all!!

Tomorrow I am meant to be riding for the first time in months. I have my four horses and get as much pleasure from looking after them as I do from riding so I've never been that fussed - plus I am a nervous rider since losing my confidence when I had a very naughty horse years ago so the less I ride the less I want to. My friend thinks we should try and ease me back into it (and she wants to ride too) and so we are going for a short pootle - wish me luck?!!

S x


  1. Love this post. The photos are gorgeous and LOOK AT YOUR FLOOR!! It's lush! You must be so pleased. (am obsessed with floors given that I'm missing one in my house at the moment!)

    The word pants really makes me laugh. I don't know why, I just find it such a funny word. That sweet sentence about school crushes made me feel all warm and cosy. Ah! Mr Grumpy is really Mr Soppy... they all are, really.


  2. Gosh, Sarah, you NEVER stop. Fabulous paint jobs. Love the blue colour you've used.

    Gorgeous looking hexies. Yes, I can imagine that it would be therapeutic. I started doing some patchwork (not hexies, just squares) a year ago. I cut out a few squares, got bored and just abandoned it. Typical me!

    Hope the horse riding went well and you're not feeling too saddle-sore!

  3. Beautiful furniture, you are so talented when it comes to giving something tired-looking a new lease of life! I bet it feels great to be able to buy him his birthday gift.. that's the only problem when you don't have your own wage, it's a bit wierd when they kinda have to buy their own presents. I just try to stick to the thoughful gifts rather than the super-pricey kind.
    Good luck with the riding! My mum has her own horse down in Cornwall and absolutely loves riding, It terrifies me personally! Haha... but each to their own..! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  4. wow i love your makeovers! always a treat to the eyes, especially with the pattern fabric/papers the hexi quilt...hope the horse is a happy soul that likes to be ridden ;0)x
    i have areal fear of horses, never like to be too close to them, i think they're beautiful aniamls, but once while on a school bus through a country lane a horse went wild and it scared me so much that ive carried that fear with me...once at the suffolk show there was a knight on a horse and i was terrified!...Dartmoor which i live close to has wild horses and ponies roaming free...i love to see them...but i try keep my day i hope to overcome how i feel... ;0)


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