Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's All Gone A Bit Quiet....

Hello there - hope you all OK? 

I've noticed it's gone a bit quiet on the comment front but I do hope you are all still reading? I have been really busy of late and have not had much time for leaving comments myself so I hope that is the reason things are quiet here and not because I am becoming boring!!

It's half term here and so I have been enjoying have the boys off school - on Sunday we went to Port Solent and had lunch at a fab new American diner:

We'd had a bit of a hooha before we came out as H didn't want to come - he was playing on the Xbox while talking to his friend and I was all for making him come out and have time as a family but Mr G said we shouldn't force him as he would be a big misery and it would cost more!! 

I reluctantly agreed and H stayed behind but when we got there I realised it was a mistake as I felt sad H was missing out (even if he would have moaned) and so in future I think I will put my foot down and insist he leave the blasted Xbox behind - at 13yrs old it's too young to be left out of family outings I feel, complaints or not!!

W really enjoyed it - he had a Texas BBQ Hot Dog:

And a a Chocolate Brownie Sensation Sundae (which we shared):

He then got a cooks hat and had his photo taken by the jukebox:

On Monday I had my niece and nephew as my sister has started Uni - she is doing a health science degree two days a week as she wants to be a cardiac physiologist (she originally wanted to be a doctor, but met her husband at 16 and it went by the wayside) while we went to local play centre she was prodding at a real human heart complete with torso *shudder* and admiring the medical students (who she says are hot!!)

Yesterday, pumpkin picking with Grandma and Granddad was a washout and so the boys went to see "Johnny English" at the pictures instead while I had a day of peace and spent it sewing - I've started a dress from the book "Sew Serendipity" (love that word!!) and if it looks OK when it's done I'll show you!!

Today, I saw my friend L - she and I have been going ceramics painting, you go and have a natter and a coffee and paint some blank china and then it gets glazed & fired for you to collect the following week - I didn't go this week but she had collected my dog bowl (do bare in mind I got an "F" for art GCSE!!):

I painted it with CK Stanley's!!

I had previously done a teapot:

Excuse the blurredy-ness - W took the pics!!

Even though I am not good at painting and the results are a little primitive, I love doing it so much!! It's very therapeutic and I have plans for Christmas plates for us all and all sorts!!

Anyway, that's about all I have to report for now so I will love you and leave you....


S x


  1. Well I am still here, and disappointed when you havent blogged! You should not have got an F for Art more an A*

  2. I'm still reading! :) I love your blog, I always find your posts lovely and interesting. I've just been crazy busy with xmas knitting and uni work (ugh! lol).
    Doesn't W have lovely dimples?! Aww! :) The restaurant looks absolutely amazing!!! Also, I love you painted teapot and dog bowl, so cute :)
    Ashley x

  3. Don't worry, you are most definitely Not boring!! I'm sure it's just because people are busy and forget to comment. Well that's my excuse for all the times I haven't commented anyway.
    It looks like you had a lovely time at the diner, that milkshake sounds incredible!
    I Cannot believe you got an F, your painting is gorgeous! I got an A but I really struggle with painting! Haha.

    Ashley xxx

  4. Blurredy-ness is definitely entering my vocab from now on.

    I think everyone is in the same boat as you this half term, they too are a bit busy so are just reading but not commenting. Don't fret my love, you are not boring (nor miserable - unlike me!!!)

    That diner looks ace! I fully intend to track a bonafide diner down in NYC next week. I figure the way to guard against homesickness and missing my baby and my boys is to eat a heck of a lot and to drink a fair few fancy cocktails.

    Love your ceramics. How did you get an "F" for art? That's bonkers.


  5. i like when you show photos of your boys. :) when i was a surly teen, i would try to get out of family stuff, as much as possible. then i'd regret it, as soon as they left the house. i like your painted teapot too, sarah b!

  6. yes i always read yours sorry dont always comment as on my phone and not always so easy and i know i havent had comments for ages but i dont blog tha much and i always think everyone elses is so much more interesting then mine but i blog on as i enjoy xx loving the ceramics your one clever girly x

  7. me again just to say agree on kids coming out i have that alot now mine is 15 and wants to go nowhere with me unless something good in it for her as i am soo boring and dont want to do that effort ! so kevin and perry such an embarrassment bless them

  8. I think your teapot's good chuck. I love the Stanley dog bowl too. I don't think they always nurtured creativity well at school. You obviously have creative and artistic talents, but conventional and one size fits all education doesnot suit everyone.
    It is hard with the kids. Teenagers go a bit inside themselves. do you make them come out, do you have an argument? you do your best. I bet he is a good lad anyway. xxx

  9. Don't worry Sarah, we are still here, just not commenting on every post. Check out your stat figures so you can see how many people have been visiting.
    I love your ceramics and I think you are better at art than what you think. Many a teacher has made us feel inadequate with unthoughtful remarks about our work at school.
    I think I would have insisted on your 13 year old accompanying you on your outing too. The X-box would still be there when he got home. If he is that attached to it, perhaps limiting his time on it might be an idea, and then he can find other ways to occupy his time. I had to do that with my kids in the past, limiting time on the computer and playing games as they would spend all day on there if I let them. I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching, I'm no expert when it comes to parent teenage boys as I have girls. :)
    Have a lovely day and as the weekend is fast approaching, have a great weekend too.
    Anne xx

  10. Blurrediness or not, your 'stanleys' are fantastic!
    Re- swap, forgot to give you my address....will email you with it soon. Hving fun putting it together, though I must remember to breathe when I'm concentrating LOL!

    Sandie xx

  11. sometimes I fly through about 100 blogs and see all the more for not commenting! but feel the need to say OMG to those ceramics - the dog bowl is F for fab!
    happy fast approaching weekend
    fee x

  12. Still here Sarah and still reading your blog. Haven't been to Port Solent for ages. The new diner looks good, must try and get there soon. I love your ceramics, who needs a GCSE anyway! Lesley x

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog and your thoughts on my shed. I think you might be the only person reading mine but looks like you still have a lot of people reading your lovely blog. I love the ceramic painting, especially the cute Stanley dogs. Fiona x

  14. Blimming lush. In haste but I ALWAYS read your stuff, just don't always get time to reply.


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