Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hello all - hope you are having a nice weekend?

I have a cold  - W had one last week and I thought the rest of us had escaped but it appears not :0( - I gave hay to the horses for the first time in ages and thought (hoped) the snotty nose was because of that but alas it was not.

This week I made over a wardrobe for Mr G. He has not had a wardrobe for months - since I took over the spare room as my girl cave and his sorry Ikea flat pack affair fell apart. So when I was offered a solid pine gentlemans wardrobe for £20 I couldn't say no.

I should have taken before pics (I always forget!!), it was a rather garish hot pink and cream complete with Disney knobs but now it's looking a bit more shabby chic!!:

We got rid of a chest of drawers and the TV (which we rarely used anyway) to fit it in and at first I hated the "wall of wardrobes" effect, but it's growing on me:

See all the cuddly's on top of my wardrobe? All bought for me by H & W....

Mr G is chuffed to bits to have a wardrobe for his clothes and not have to make do with drawers crammed full.

I have a book recomendation for you - a few weeks ago we saw Gwyneth Paltrow on Graham Norton promoting her new cookery book. Now this made me snort with derision as I was under the impression that she only ate macrobiotic i.e rabbit food, bleurgh!!

However, she seemed very down to earth and is no longer eating strictly macrobiotically and so I decided to order a copy from the library. 

It's a lovely, lovely book. It has some gorgeous recipes and Gwyneth shares genuine, heartfelt tales about her father (whom she adored) I confess I cried (I know, crying at a recipe book is soppy even by my standards!!)

We're hooked on one of the recipes - "Best Stir Fried Chicken with Rice & Kale":

It has only a few ingredients and tastes completely authentic - yummy!! (If you Google "Gwyneth Paltrow Best Stir Fry Chicken" you'll find the recipe, but the book is definitely worth buying).

As I said my copy came from the library and I intended to buy it, but this is now a must as whilst making the above dish this week I, ahem, set fire to the library book!!!!! 

Setting fire to tea towels is a regular occurrence in our house, but I've never before managed to char the corner of a recipe book, let alone one from the library!! So now I have to get a copy from Amazon to take sheepishly back and I shall keep the crispy library book!!



S x


  1. How nice for Mr G. to have a wardrobe and you have made it over so beautifully too.
    Oh dear, burning a library book is not such a good thing. Perhaps we can put it down to your enthusiams for cooking eh?! :)
    I hope your cold leaves you very quickly.
    Anne xx

  2. i laughed about the hot pink garish disney knob wardrobe, then i laughed again at the book catching fire. please don't be mad! it is a little funny, now that you know you're all okay, & nobody got hurt. just think you wanted a copy for yourself, & now you'll have one, charred & all.

  3. Sorry you're feeling all coldy, hope you get over it soon! Rose has just got over a verryyy drippy cold, not very nice..! haha
    I love the wardrobe, the blue looks gorgeous. I think you'll have to give me a masterclass in painting furniture as I really want to paint my welsh-dresser and would love to have some tips!

    Ashley xxx

  4. You are such a clever cookie with your gorgeous furniture makeovers.
    Love the wardrobe. Can't think why you would want to paint over the Barbie pink?!!
    Hope your cold gets better soon.

  5. Sorry, 2 year old is helping me type. And keeps pressing return

  6. I absolutely love what you've done to the wardrobes. You really do inspire me. I have made a start on a side table for Little but the kids are ill so I've not managed it yet.

    Hope your cold buggers off soon.



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