Monday, 12 March 2012

Ladies Who Lunch (AKA Blogging Rocks!!)....

Today is one of those lovely days when you realise how much you get out of blogging. 

I spent a lovely lunch with these gorgeous ladies:

Ashley (Country Rose);  Sarah (Annaboo's House);  Me;  Gem (Treasures From The Cherry Tree)

Edited to add: Mr G has just told me I look the by far the oldest in this pic and so any brownie points earned from the fabric softener incident are now cancelled out!!

I started blogging back in Jan 2011 and to begin with it felt as though I was talking to myself, then slowly but surely my followers began to grow. 

Soon, I got to know a handful of ladies via email and then met my first Bloddie (Cuckoo's word: blog + buddy = Bloddie) in real life - the lovely Ashley (above left). 

Since last autumn Ashley & I have become firm friends helped by the fact we only live 12 miles apart. We love all the same things and get on like a house on fire despite me being (literally) old enough to be her mother!!

Recently another Bloddie has moved into the area and so today we had a "road trip" (more about that in a moment!!) to meet Gem from Treasures From The Cherry Tree and Sarah from Annaboo's House for lunch.

Ashley lives between Gem and I and so the plan was for me to go to Ashley's and she would drive on to Gem's.

Gem is renting a lovely 1926 house (why oh why did I end up in a 1970's semi?!!) in a seaside town and the weather when we arrived was glorious - the journey was not. What should have been a 25 minute journey took 2 HOURS 20 MINS!! Can you believe it? All due to a tiny area of roadworks causing miles of tailbacks that were literally at a standstill.

Luckily. Ashley's gorgeous baby daughter Rose was very well behaved or it could have been stressful as well as very annoying.

We were very pleased to be welcomed into the open arms of Gem and Sarah - meeting people for the first time can cause some nervousness, but the minute I saw Gem I knew there was going to be none of that as I felt as though I had known her for ages.

We were treated to a lovely lunch (home-baked cheese scones, yum!!) and for pudding Trifle Crawfords ;0) 


After lunch we had a hilarious "photo shoot" to get piccies for our blogs - the only one I am willing to show you is the one of the four of us above - I consistently have a funny gammy looking eye and/or a Johnny Vegas chin!!

The lunch was all too short due to our delay in arriving and soon we had to leave, with promises to do it again soon Ashley and I set off home taking a detour to avoid the traffic (but still taking nearly an hour to get back!!)

Despite the traffic issues, it really was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and made me grateful once again for everything I get from Blogland....


S x


  1. What fun! Glad you had a fab time catching up with your Bloddie.
    Anne xx

  2. Fab to hear!! That trifle looks gorgeous but I don't like trifle at all. Can appreciate the aesthetic value of it though... the cheese scones would have gone down an absolute treat. Y-um. If I ever meet Gem I'd like her to make one of those epic cooked breakfasts she seems to do (ya hear me Gem??). I think it's a great hangover cure so obv I'd need wine first.. :-)

    So glad you had a great time - can't wait til it's my turn to meet you! I'll be nervous too though, fo sho.

    Nicki xx

  3. I am soooo jealous!!
    That sounds like an amazing day

  4. Hi Sarah,Well, I'm well jel too!! Sounds and looks like a great day ;)
    Wish I lived near you 4,xxxx

  5. awww sarah all of that is sweet! except for the commute & mr. g's words. ;) the food looks divine delish.

  6. just commented on country roses blog saying what a lovely pic and you lucky girls would be lovely to meet up ,sounds like you had a lovely time ,minus the traffic jam and yummy food even better x

  7. Oooooh marvellous! Gem is one of the most welcoming people you could ever hope to meet. No need to have been nervous at all. I imagine there was loads of chatting over each other, swooning over all Gem's lovely things and laughing loads.

    Love how you have embraced 'bloddie'!


  8. It sounds like a perfect way to spend a day ~ the photo of the four of you is lovely :O)x

  9. awwww sarah thats truly wonderful xx i bet you all had lots of fun and natterings ;0)xx

  10. Gosh! What a fabulous time we had- it was so lovely to meet you.
    I'm smiling at the many tries it took to get a decent photo of all of us- Gem really is a star with the whole 'holding-the-camera-herself' thing.
    Hope we can meet up again soon- it would be lovely to have a bit more time...!


  11. I am good at the whole "holding the camera myself" shenanigans cos I am nearly always on my flipping self. If the kids and I are out, I ALWAYS do this and then someone will come over and pity me and offer to take it themselves and its always a bad photo!!! Always best in my own little sad way.
    Ahhhh, Sarah B, twas lush to meet you. No more talks of gammy eyes or Vegas boy though. And can't wait to do it again. May set off at dawn though if it's your neck of the woods, just to be sure we get all the time in the world.
    Wearing my brooch on my red cherry tree coat. Looks fab! Clever girl.
    x x x


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