Thursday, 22 March 2012

A New Toy (and I'm Loving It Already!!)....

Yesterday we took delivery of our first ever proper camera:
It's a Canon EOS 550D - an entry level DSLR but by far the fanciest camera we've ever had. Of course I spent a lot of time playing with it so you may find this post a wee bit picture heavy!!

Chico - our (very noisy) orange-winged Amazon - who has started shouting the cat this week!!

Milo, who hates having his photo taken....
Daisy, eating her hide rugby ball on the sofa!!

Yesterday I had a look online to try and learn a bit about aperture/shutter speed/ISO and today had another play - I really like that lovely blur you get in the background of a good shot:
I love this one of my Trollbeads which I collected before I had horses (can't afford both!!)

Mr G is chuffed with it as it can do HD video too (I kinda sold him on the idea with that - you know you have to make them think it's their idea!!)
I'd love to do a photography course but finding one during the day that I don't need a mortgage for is proving difficult, although I have found a 3hr tutorial locally for a good price so I'm going to start with that.
So hopefully this means that here at Shabby Chic Sarah the photo quality will improve - I do love a blog with good photos....
S x


  1. dear sarah, you make wonderful photos with you new toy. i hope to see more. :)

  2. You're going to have such fun, nothing beats a 'proper' camera :D

  3. Congratulations on your new toy!, your photos are fab! There are some good online tutorials to get you started, the pioneer woman has some brilliant tutorials as does the digital school of photography on Facebook. Have fun and I don't think it will be long before the dog is putting up its paw and barking, no more photos please, just like my kids do!!!

  4. How exciting! Is this the same camera the other bloggers rave about? Looks lush and you will LOVE living each day now, with all the opportunities.
    I am missing you.....ahhhh. Seeing Sarah tomorrow and wish you were there. Let's arrange another one soon.
    Lots of love
    x x x x xx

  5. Great photos already Sarah,I'd love a new camera....

  6. Seriously good camera. Enjoy! :)
    Anne xx

  7. Oh, lush photos- you really do have a good 'eye' for such good shots.
    Enjoy playing with your new toy.
    Happy weekend!

  8. Love your Trollbeads. It is interesting seeing how other put a collection together. Great new toy which will bring hours of fun. I still cannot work mine properly, maybe I should look for a little class to go to.
    Great images.


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