Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tea And A Random Natter....

Hello my lovely ladies, I have been trying to blog on and off this afternoon, but I dripped some of the below cuppa on my laptop (which is already on it's last legs) and the keyboard then did the most random things - putting in six letters and numbers when I just wanted a letter "U" and all manner of annoying things. So I am now on Mr G's laptop.

You've gotta love a Tunnock's Teacake....

I still haven't worked out how (or even "if") I can upload blog pics on my iPad - maybe I need to look at the mobile blogging apps?

This is a mixed post of randomness - first of all before I forget, if you look in my sidebar to the right you will see links to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest - I added them weeks ago and kept forgetting to tell you. If you're on Pinterest do let me know in the comments as I'd love to follow you too - I am *addicted* to it!!

On Saturday Mr G and I ventured forth to do the grocery shopping - whilst we perused the aisles of Morrisons I was touched by something very mundane and silly. I was looking at wash powder when Mr G tapped me on the shoulder and said "Here, I've got your favourite softener" and put it in the trolley:

Do you know, I thought that was so romantic?!! That Mr G knew which one was my favourite!!  I was really touched. I told him so and Mr G just rolled his eyes, but I wouldn't have thought for a minute he would have known as I confess I have no idea what his fave car wax (for example) is!!

Isn't it nice to find special moments in the hum drum daily chores in life?

This week we have been looking at a holiday. We haven't had a proper holiday since the year before my Dad died (2008) and we all went to France for a week. 

Before that we were spoiled as my Mum had a villa in Catalonia, Spain and for four years we had had many happy times there:

Casa Araminta - (so named because it's long been my Mum's fave girls name and she thought she wasn't getting a grand-daughter. Then my Sis had a little girl and she is Evie Araminta - Mum calls her by her second name....)

Gosh, looking at these makes me miss it - we love, love, loved it there....

Sadly, after my Stepdad had a stroke (which thankfully he recovered  from) he and Mum made the decision to sell it.

Last year we didn't go away on the basis we would try and get to Florida this year. We have never been to the USA and we want to go before the boys are too old.

However, looking into I don't think that's going to be possible as it's just so expensive. I really don't know how anyone can afford it. We thought by September this year we could save about £3500 to go and I am staggered that that wouldn't be enough.

We're looking at a minimum of £2000 for the package of flights/accommodation (I've looked at doing villa/flights separately and that's even more!!) and then passes for Universal Studios/Busch Gardens/Wet 'n Wild/Kennedy Space Center are a further £1000, that's before car hire and spending money!!

How do people afford it? And as Mr G says, even if we could we'd baulk at spending £5000 for a holiday.

So, we are now looking closer to home and have more or less settled on a little static mobile home in a private olive grove on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Yesterday, I bought fabric:

At just £4.25 per metre I bought a half metre of four kinds - they really had a lovely selection, I could have gone really mad in there.

I've also ordered some cowboy print FQ's from eBay as I want to make a little baby quilt for a couple at my stables who are expecting their first baby together - they ride western, have a bow top wagon and love all things cowboy so I thought it would be perfect.

Phew, I think that's all I have to report for now - thanks so much (as always) for reading....


S x


  1. awwww such a lovely spring fresh post hehe ;0)
    love the villa and your lovely fabrics sarah x
    ....tea cakes looking yummy- i have a school reunion in a few weeks so trying to cut down on my cakeys...but i can almost taste that choc!!!!!

  2. Awww I love the story about the favourite fabric softener. It's the little things like that, that sometimes mean the most to us..
    I'm so glad you've made a decision about your summer hols, I've been to Zakynthos before. :-) I was only about 10 but I remember it being lovely and sunny!
    I lovveee the fabric's you've bought. I think I saw a similar one in C&H that I almost bought, the top fabric on the pile..

    Ashley xxx

  3. So much to comment on here!

    Lovely fabrics. So gorgeous. What will you be making? Clothes or quilts?

    Wow your Mum's villa looks lovely, no wonder you miss it. There's a little girl in reception class at Big's school called Minty. It's short for Araminta. Her twin is called Angus and they are so adorable.

    That's so lovely that Mr G knew what your fave fabric softener is. I'm such a saddo I'm going to have to get some now myself. I love lily and strawberry kiss. Lovely it is. Pink bottle. Can't remember if it is Comfort or Lenor.


  4. Hi Sarah,I think the softner thing is so romantic! I dont think My hubby would have a clue... Love the new fabrics and looking forward to seeing what you make :) xxx

  5. Such a sweet post!
    Glad you've sorted a summer hol out- It's so lovely to have something to look forward to, isn't it?
    Gorgeous fabrics too.
    And as for blogging on an iPad- I do it. I upload my photos to Flickr and can then stick then into my posts.
    Nearly the weekend...!

  6. Hi!
    Firstly, I just wanted to say I love popping into your blog to see your goings on! We went to Florida last year (first time), for a special family birthday. It was expensive, but we thought we are not getting any younger and decided to just go for it! If you do decide to go sometime, you will not be disappointed. This year, we are heading off to Greece, Kefalonia for a nice relaxing week. I can't wait!
    I also love all your craftiness ~ especially the crochet. I am just teaching myself to crochet (very slowly!) I am crochet lots of cushion covers ATM!!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Best wishes, Toni (Kent)

  7. I would love a place in Spain to go to - you're very lucky to have had it even if you no longer do. We wanted to take Jake (stepson) to Florida but it was just so expensive, we'd rather spend the money on a romantic holiday for the two of us to somewhere lovely :-)

    How sweet that the grumpster (ha! new word! meant fondly, he's a sweetie really) knew your favourite softener. And bless him for picking it out like that. Andrew mostly just hangs out by the trolley in a trance at the supermarket!

    The floral fabric is lovely - watcha gonna make??


    PS am slightly distracted as I type this as am sharing a bowl of mini eggs with Andrew. I get stressed out sharing with him as he gets the majority of the goodies... I end up counting how many he's eaten and telling him off. Am a mini egg nazi! xx

  8. sarah i have to say i agree with you about mr. g being romantic. it is the precious little moments when they're paying attention, when you realize how much they know & love you. that place in spain looks celestial. i bet you're a tad sad about having to sell it.

  9. hi, yes with all the above how sweet about the softener , think these men take more notice of shopping then us , john is what i call rather anal (sorry ) about the unloding of shopping before we pay has to be a certain way so i just watch ha sure i get looks thinking look at her just watching .Holiday ah how lovely yes would love florida also but soo expensive, gorgeous fabrics i cant sew but love looking at all the fabrics take care sarah x


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