Saturday, 3 March 2012

Last Week...

Hello all - are you having a good weekend?

I haven't blogged all week, partly due to our camera playing up. I think it knows it's days are numbered (we hope to get our DSLR at the end of March) and so on Sunday when we went out for a walk en famille it decided it was going to refuse to retract the lens cover fully thus rendering itself unusable.

So, I have been taking pics on my phone instead and I have finally got around to connecting the lead to the laptop to upload them.

Last Sunday we went to Leigh Park Gardens for a walk, we had been meant to go further afield but I had cricked my back on the Friday doing a jigsaw (yep, really!! Leaning over the low coffee table for hours did it).

There were lots of trees to climb:

Just after this photo was taken there was a bit of incident (fortunately not involving little boys and trees!!) 

A large Staffordshire bull terrier came hooleying out of nowhere, completely out of control and right up to Daisy (our girl JRT) who was on the lead as she is not good with other dogs and was getting used to her muzzle. It does annoy me when owners allow their loose dogs to run up to other dogs that are on the lead.

Anyway, off it went, only to reappear moments later, whereupon it hurtled into me at lightening speed, my legs went from under be and I landed flat on my (already sore) back.

I. Was. Livid. I gingerly got up to see the owner (a young woman) laughing her head off. I confess she got the sharp edge of my tongue and I sent her off with a flea in her ear!!

Mr G was to be highly commended as he managed not to pee himself laughing - something I am not sure I could have done had the boot been on the other foot!!

Fortunately, we were able to continue with our walk despite my sore bum/back and we had quite a few photo opps:

I particularly like this one:

I must show you a close up of my (silly) hair do - it's one of the ones (along with pigtails) that I am, at 39, way too old for but I wear anyway:

I call them my "teddy bear ears"....

The rest of the week has been uneventful, just the usual pottering, looking after horses, sewing and so on. I did finish my tea cosy which is a shameful copy of the one my friend Ashley over at Country Rose has done (we both used the pattern by Crochet With Raymond):

Now I must love you and leave you as Mr G is waiting for me to go out (grocery shopping, nowhere exciting!!)


S x


  1. what grand photos of you & your boys! sorry about your blasted back, & dying camera. your hair looks adorable like that, you decide what's right for you. have fun shopping. do you love the tea cosy you created?

  2. Hi Sarah,love the family photo and love your teddy bear ears!I cant believe that woman laughed when her dog knocked you over,thats so rude,glad you gave her an ear bashing:)Well done on your tea cosy its beautiful.Have a great week,love juliex

  3. I hate peoples dogs off leads running at me ( I have a phobia of dogs which makes it really hard to go for nice walks in parks/countryside) I think your hair is so cute!
    Lovely tea cosy too.

  4. I love the tea cosy!
    Anne xx

  5. Lovely pics i love your tea cozy too xx

  6. Lovely tea cosy - it's gorge!!

    I cannot BELIEVE that woman laughed at her dog hurting you like that. Man, I'd have been furious.


  7. I'm with Nicki- LOVING that tea cosy.
    And also with the dog thing. We live in a very doggy friendly area, which is great, and lots of people let their dogs off the lead- but my little boy is really scared of dogs and their owners quite often fail to acknowledge this- which can be a bit annoying.
    Glad you gave that girl a piece of your mind!

  8. Great teacosy :D

    Pleased to meet you by the way, I arrived via the lovely Ashley at Country Rose :D


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