Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothers Day....

Hello my lovelies, did you have a lovely Mothers Day with your children and/or Mums?
I was treated to some lovely cards:
A chocolate pizza:

And some Sass And Belle ribbons on gorgeous wooden spools:

Mr G's Mum and Dad along with my Mum, Sis and niece were due for lunch and I was very lucky as for the third year Mr G cooked - in fact he did everything, including set a pretty table:
I wore a dress/tunic that I made using a pattern from the book Sew Serendipity.

I'm not over keen on the fabric, but I used it as a test run really, as I lost interest in making clothes after having so many that I'd work on, get to the point where I try them on and then look dreadful in them - like a bag of sh1t tied up as my Mum would so eloquently put it!!
My Mum brought me some lovely flowers as has been the tradition for years (up until Christmas Mum was a florist):
 Stargazer lilies, my favourite.

In other news, after signing up I am already addicted to Instagram!! It's so fab, not only can I nosey at everyone's pics but it encourages you to take photos of ordinary moments during the day which will be lovely to look back on.

If you want to follow me I'm shabbychicsarah on there.

I am trying out the Blogsy app for iPad so I can blog without having to having to fire up the laptop, so if this post looks a hot mess then that'll be why - so far I am in two minds, it's taken ages to post this and the photos are tiny. I'm having trouble getting it to do links consistently too....

Any way, nothing much else to report....


S x


  1. Ooh that tunic/dress/long top is lush. Laughed out loud at the bag of sh1t reference. Or "ess aytch one tee" as my brother always says.
    How nice to have those lovely little gifts. Ahhhh, it makes it all worth while (I think!)
    I got three ceramic white doves from White Company and also some gorgeous soap from the same place.
    The dear little kids, I like to think they walked in there with their pocket money to pay for the lot. When, truth be known, they don't get pocket money as they are too bloody naughty!!!!!
    Hee hee, did you scoff all the chocolate pizza? That wouldn't have touched the sides with me, as you well know!
    x x x x

  2. Love the look of that choclolate pizza,yummy!I think the tunic youve made is brilliant and looks lovely on you. Well done to hubby on that pretty dining table,its looks so nice.Glad you had a lovely day,take care,juliexxx

  3. looks & sounds like you had a marvelous mother's day sarah! i dont' have an iPhone, but i hope you share your instas for us to see from time to time.

  4. I have missed a ton of your posts, blogger hasn't displayed any for a long time. Grrrrrr, so going to make a bit hot cuppa and have a good drink and a catch up!

    Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

    Have a fab day today, i'm off for a read now!


    p.s lovely to see you on instagram!

  5. I'm with you on Instagram. Totally hooked. Love how it is instant and quick and satisfying as well as making one stand still and notice the lovely things around us. Makes me appreciate what I already have even more.

    I've never seen a chocolate pizza before. Yu-um!

    That ribbon is gorgeous, I love ribbon on wooden spools. I'm looking forward to seeing what you embellish with it.

    Thank you so much for the paint advice. I think I may paint the walls, the decide on what oil cloth I'm going to use and that pick your brains on mixing up colours. Trouble is that when faced with too much choice I get a bit stymied!


  6. I love your spotty dress! and I also love the chocolate pizza, what a fabulous idea!

    Just found your beautiful blog today, so hello there!

    Fleur xx


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