Monday, 7 May 2012

More Fugly-To-Fabulous, Cath Kidston Goodies & Other Wafflings....

Hello my gorgeous ladies - are you having a nice bank holiday weekend? As usual the weather is vile but what else is new?

On Friday I finished a pair of bar stools that my Stepdad had given me:

They were plain white and I gave them a coat of Annie Sloan Duck Egg and then had an attempt at hand-painting some cabbage roses on the back before sanding them quite heavily. I need to practice those roses!!

Grandma and Granddad took the boys out on Saturday afternoon and they said they were happy to stay when they returned so Mr G and I could go out on a "date". 

We are so rock and roll though that we decided to go out in the afternoon too - we knew come 7.00pm we would just want our PJ's and the telly!!

So we went to Gun Wharf Quays to see "The Cabin In The Woods" - it was the best time to go as the cinema was virtually empty. The movie was excellent, if you like scary films I highly recommend it to you.

Of course, no trip to Gun Wharf would be complete without a trip to the Cath Kidston outlet - it gets all the end of line/sale stock and there is at least 30% of everything. I got a few goodies:

The cute UJ windmills were from The Works two for £1.00 (but they only had three left!!) I also got some CK lace stripe oilcloth; a photo frame; hankie and a pen tin.

On the way home Mr G bought me tulips (from Lidl!!):

Yesterday we had housework to do (boo hiss) and I took the opportunity to sort out my sewing room which was a tip.


(Instagram pic!!)


I swapped my old cheapy polka dot vinyl cloth (which I melted with the iron!!) for my fancy Cath Kidston Oilcloth - I've ordered a transparent cutting mat as the green one is all stained and yucky (plus green looks rubbish!!)

In other news, you may have noticed that last week I privately accepted my first ad (for Hunters At Home) in my side bar. Since then my blog has been accepted into the BlogHer Publishing Network which place (pre-approved by me) ads and you get paid a few pence per page view - I wondered what your thoughts on ads on blogs are?

Personally, as long as the blog posts for the most part remain personal and real then I don't mind ads on blogs I visit - what I dislike are blogs which have posts which  are entirely about this product or that service and nothing about the person who writes the blog. 

I love blogs like mine I guess, where you are invited into the authors life to share what *they* have been doing - ads in sidebars don't bother me as long as I love the blog content.

I'd love to know your thoughts, while getting a few bob to buy myself a coffee now and again would be nice, I wouldn't want to alienate my lovely readers....


S x


  1. I don't mind ads on blogs, as long as they're relevant and the content of the blog doesn't become all about the products :) The Hunters at Home ad is certainly relevant and fits into the look of your blog and isn't distracting or anything.
    I say go for it, and enjoy your coffee :)
    Also, I love those chairs! Gorgeous!
    Ashley x

  2. sarah you really are a transforming wonder girl! as far as ads, i do get a bit tired of feeling like i'm getting sold to all the time. however, i know it's how many people make their living. i often wonder what is or isn't authentic. do you?

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I have the same Cath hankie as you. I've been using it as a mini table cloth, lol!
    I don't see anyhing wrong with ads, so long as they don't overload the blog and you still have your own personality coming through, which you do.
    I think your roses are good. Txxx

  4. Hey Sarah,

    Loving the bar stools! The rose's look just perfect to me..!

    We got a really nice cabinet from Ray's parents today that I want to paint cream I think, shabby chic style of course! What paint should I go for that's a bit cheaper than Annie sloan...?

    Gorgeous goodies from Cath Kidston, we're trying to be really good this month so I'm not buying anything that I don't reallly need. I wish that wasn't the case though!

    Ashley xxx

  5. I'm with you blogs that sell,sell are awful, a discreet ad on the side is fine, but I have deleted blogs that were once great and now are just one big ad. Love the stools by the way.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Love the chairs. So cute! I don't mind the ads, but it would get a bit annoying if the posts were completely random and didn't fit in with your blog.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love Lexie,


    P.S I am having a giveaway at the moment to celebrate my first blog birthday..would love for you to be a part of it!


  7. I always feel a little nervous when I'm perched on one of those stools! However I would make an exception with one of those stools, they are great! :)

  8. Hi Sarah
    I came to visit you beautiful blog through the lovely Justine (Emma bear forever)blog I so love all of your make overs I have been browsing for over an well over an hour now, fabulous posts and family life you have.
    These Bar Stools are fabulous and I love your hand painted roses, gorgeous makeover, I too am a huge CK fan love everything floral, I'm make handmade cards mainly but also have started crochet again, I to have been blogging now for about nearly 3yrs, I hope to pop by as often as I can, It's been a joy and a pleasure reading your blog Thank You.
    Hugs Sarah x

  9. Hello Sarah, I love your blog :0) I spent over an hour the other day reading back through old posts. Very much looking forward to trying out Annie Sloan paint and creating a patchwork wall. I hope you don't mind but I blogged about yesterday and posted your patchwork wall pic with link. Justine x

  10. Oooo, missus!
    Loving those bar stools- cute roses too.
    I think Ads are fine. They're in the sidebar, so what's to worry about? You go girl and earn a few pennies to spend at CK!
    Have a great week.


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