Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vintage Market....

Hello my lovelies!! 

What have we been up to? Well, on Sunday there was a vintage market run by Love Southsea in Old Portsmouth. We live about 10 miles north of the city so we decided to go down and have a look.

I insisted that H and W come along too. Now they old enough to be left for a couple of hours during the day the temptation is to forgo all the complaining about them having to come off their respective gadgetry and go on our own. However, I think it is way too soon to stop doing things together as a family and so on this occasion I put my foot down.

Fortunately, we managed to get out with minimal complaints. We parked at Spice Quay:

H, looking *really* tall; W and Mr G....

First of all we sat on the beach to eat our picnic:

We had a lovely view of Portsmouth Harbour:

 And before long we had some company:

We had thought that it would be cold down on the seafront, but leaning against the wall with the sun (yes, I know, the SUN!!) shining on us was really warm:

After lunch it was time for a mooch around the vintage market:

Apologies for quality - phone pic!!

The market was, IMO, more of a handmade market as there was only one stall selling actual vintage items, but it was nice nonetheless and naturally I made a few purchases:

Afterwards we had a walk along the sea wall and when we got to the big hilly bits we had to stop for some rolling:

It was much steeper than it looks here!!

Even though, at my age, I should know better I had a go. I am pleased to say there is no photographic evidence but for the whole 10 seconds it took to roll from top to bottom I was wishing it was over - it was like getting repeatedly beaten up as you rolled and I landed dizzy, scuffed and covered in grass stains. 

Of course, I then insisted Mr G have a go!!

It transpires that persons of 40 years or thereabouts should not roll down steep banks as he didn't enjoy it much either!!

On the crafting front, I have been continuing with my embroidered cardi and I had a go at wet felting:

I have since tried to machine embroider some grass onto it, but after getting a third of it done my machine decided it just Didn't Want To Play so I'll have to come back to that another day.

Oooh, and look at this *beauty* we found for me to paint:

I really want to keep it but have No Room so I will have to rehome it when its done....

Hope you're all well....


S x
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  1. sarah, i'm so glad you rolled down the hill. these photos are wonderful! :)

  2. Your boys are cute!!! Loving the dark hair - very Italian!
    WISH you'd posted a pic of your hill rolling. I used to love doing that but since I was struck with labyrinthitis several years ago, I have no balance and hate the feeling of being dizzy.
    Felt crafting sounds lush! Lovely pic.
    MUST see you soon dearest. Ashley is up for it too! And that Sarah Annaboo bird will be too.
    x x x xx

  3. Hi Sarah
    Lovely Pic's thanks for sharing them!! I can just see you rolling down the bank'' tee'he
    I agree not for the over 40's and more so the over 50's like me!! haha'' but it looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful day, Sarah your boys are very handsome young men they must get there lovely dark hair from your hubby, as I seen in your gorgeous wedding pic in your last post how dark his hair is in his younger days... I hope you have a lovely weekend
    Hugs Sarah x


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