Monday, 21 May 2012

More Fugly-To-Fabulousness and Other Witterings....

Hello girls!! I trust you have all had a lovely weekend?

I have some more Fugly-To-Fabulous to show you today - we are frantically trying to raise money for our holiday which is only six weeks away and so I was full on with the painting on Friday.

My favourite is this gorgeous 1950's china cabinet - she had a cost of Annie Sloan "Old White":

Isn't she lovely? But gosh she was a pain to paint!! I had to stick my head right in to paint the inside and managed to get my hair covered in paint - luckily the chalk paint washes out so easily!!

There was also a vintage radiogram that we think will make a fab TV stand - this was given a couple of coats of "Old White" and inside was painted with "Duck Egg", I then used dark wax to bring out the carving:

Finally, an orange pine TV stand was given a new lease of life with a coat of "Country Grey" and and "Old White" top:

On Saturday we started the day with mini cinnamon maple whirls following a recipe Coco Rose shared on Instagram (the addiction to that continues!!):

To make them you take a pack of ready to bake croissant dough, open it out flat and crimp the perforated bits together and then give it a light roll with a rolling pin. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. Roll up and then cut into little pinwheels.

Bake for 10 minutes and when they are still hot drizzle with a mix of icing sugar, maple syrup and a little milk.

Let me tell you they were GORGEOUS and lasted about 2 minutes after the photo was taken.

In the afternoon we had a mooch to Petersfield as I wanted to have a look at a Kobo which is WHSmiths version of the Kindle - earlier in the week (in the early hours when I couldn't sleep!!) I bought a Kindle that was offered as a Buy It Now on eBay.

I checked the sellers feedback - she had 47 giving her 100% and so went ahead thinking I had got myself a super bargain.

The following morning I got a message from eBay telling me the seller had been slung off and I was not to pay for the item - but I already had!! I emailed the seller several times - I was hoping it was eBay being over zealous and them actually being genuine which has happened to me before with a smaller item. But no reply.

So now I have to wait for Paypal to refund me - which they will in their own good time.

I want the eReader for our holidays and so after looking at the Kobo I decided to go ahead - it was reduced to £49.99 so quite a bit less than a Kindle.

Of course, when we returned home I had an email from the Kindle seller saying (in very bad English) it is on its way - I will believe it when I see it but if it does arrive I will just sell the one I like the least.

So far I am loving the Kobo - I have always been anti-ereader as I love books, one of my favourite shops in Petersfield is a smelly old bookshop that is a real rabbit warren but as we are going away for two weeks with limited baggage allowance it seemed a no brainer.

Naturally, I have made a cover for it:

Cath Kidston fabric, vintage linen and vintage glass button

One side effect of the Kobo is I am knackered today because I was up until gone 2.00am reading - I have succumbed to the hype and have downloaded Fifty Shades Of Grey - ahem...... 

Hope you all have a lovely week....


S x


  1. I've yet to download that one, is it worth it and as good as the hype?! We have a Kindle but it was bought for my daughters birthday but so far it's me that's mostly used it! She loves reading but is sticking with books at the moment because you aren't allowed to take a Kindle into school! Great makeovers as usual, I'm too lazy for stuff like that :)

  2. That cover is gorgeous! You're a clever sausage for sure.

    Ebay can be a right pain in the arse sometimes, you hear all sorts of stories but on the whole I think it is great. Don't let this experience put you off.

    I love your latest f2f stuff. You find some great pieces. Mr C is getting a van in July so I'm hoping I may be able to get some treasure home to paint up. I really want to slowly replace the ikea stuff that is falling to bits.


    ps Sorry I made your phobia itch with my bug.

  3. you are such a clever , crafty lady!!! i love all the things you make/ restore! your house must be amazing! I have neglected my sewing machine lately but you really inspire me to get on there!!

    do you have any advise on how to restore/ cover an old travel trunk?

    esme x

  4. I bought my hubby a KOBO for Valentine's Day and I usually have to rip it out of his hands in order to get him to pay attention to me! He loves it! When we went on vacation last month he was able to take 8 books with him on his 1 thin, little machine. So much easier than a stack of novels!

  5. Your furniture looks fabulous ... amazing what a new coat of paint can do (and also, a lot of style and skill!). Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  6. Wow - what a brilliant post. Furniture, paint AND food!! What a treat. ;-)

    I love the way you used the wax to bring out the front of the cupboard. SO pretty! You've got a really good eye!


  7. What lovely pieces and what a marvelous job you did restoring them to beautiful. I am happy that the paint washed out of your hair, you are way to young to have white hair, LOL. I am in love with your blog. WOW, what an awesome site. I am your newest follower, please accept my warm and humble invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me, too. Connie :)


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