Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sweltering and Crafting!!

Phew!! How are you enjoying the heat? Isn't the British weather so mad? Last week I was curled up on the sofa with my quilt and fleecy dressing gown and this week I am roasting and have the fan on!!

I am not good in the heat. Mr G and I once went to Singapore and I spent the whole 10 days moaning about the heat in the manner of Karl Pilkington!!

Yesterday, I made myself a little haven in the garden:

I sat there all day, listening to catch-up TV on my iPad and crocheting granny hearts:

Naturally, they are going to be made into bunting. I used a pattern I found on Ravelry here  if you fancy a go yourself.

We were delighted to see that our peony has at last flowered - we got it off Freecycle three years ago and in previous years it has budded, but they've never opened before now. But, wow they were worth waiting for!!:

I've remembered to take pics of the embroidered cardi, I've finished it - here's Dolly (my duct tape dummy) modelling it for you:

Many thanks to the lovely Cuckoo for the inspiration....

I have also been painting roses on anything that stands still long enough!! The reason I wanted to learn was to be able to paint some roses on my Fugly-To-Fabulous furniture so I tried a few on a cute nest of tables:

And I've made a sign for one of my Instagram friends:

And I did one for us:

I'm toying with the idea of selling these, as I really enjoy making them.

A couple of weeks ago the lovely LissyLou gave me an award:

Unforgivably, I keep forgetting to mention it - I have to answer a 10 questions:

Favourite colour: Pink of course!!
Favourite number: 8
Favourite animal: Horse
Favourite non alcholic drink: Diet Coke, I drink way too much. I'm also partial to a "Muddy Puddle" - OJ + Coke, the name comes from the colour!!
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, though I've just joined Twitter @shabbychicsarah - please follow me!! I love Instagram best.
Recieving or giving: Oooooh, tricky!! Both!! I love giving something I know the recipient is going to love, but I love, love, love presents too!!
Favourite pattern: Floral, Cath Kidston style, gorgeous!!
Favourite day of the week: Friday, I love the anticipation of the weekend to come.
Favourite flower: Stargazer lilies - I had them in my wedding bouquet and the smell takes me there instantly. I also love wildflowers, and roses, and peonies, and spring flowers, and, and, and....

I'm meant to pass this on, but I really couldn't choose five as I love so many so I am going to be rubbish and politely decline to pass it on!!


S x


  1. I struggle in the heat too, especially here in London, it seems to go from rainy grey to sweltering, unforgiving heat! What happened to a lovely warm, breezy day!?! Your garden haven looks wonderful though! I shall dream about such a peaceful spot while running around in the heat at work :(


  2. You are soooooo clever! I know you say "if I can do it then anyone can" but it's not true You're amazballs!!


  3. Oooh as soon as I saw the cardie I KNEW Cuckoo had inspired you as I remember seeing hers. It looks lush.
    Let me know how much you will charge for the signs, me wanting one big time. Really cute. Are they waterproof? What would one need to do?!
    I NEED YOU TO LIVE WITH ME!!! Keep seeing nice things and wanting you to shabby them up with me. I could supply you with cake and diet Coke all day while you taught me your talents.
    Then again, I never seem to find the time.
    And going to sort out a visit to you soon though, maybe we can teach each other a skill. You can show me how to crochet hearts or shabby chic up a nest of tables and I can show you how to down a cupcake in one.........or something. x x x x xx xx x xx x x

  4. fun to know more about you sarah! you are the fugly to fabulous wizard master. that embroidered cardi is my fave thing. i'd wear it all over. :)

  5. Wow seeing these pics in larger than Instagram really shows off the detail - loved them on there but on here they are even more fab.

    I have a plan to make myself a den in the shade later - crochet & wildlife watching is planned :)

  6. Look at that cardi! It looks perfectly summery. What a lot of work you put into it, too!

  7. I'm so impressed with your roses Sarah, the session really paid off - you are an incredibly easy person to teach and I'm loving the results - you definetly should sell them.

    I on the other hand, am a complete let down in the blogging department - I need to get started but am desperately searching around for something to share - I know there's loads but it's picking something to go first!! Anyway, looking forward to seeing you soon
    Claire xx


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