Monday, 3 October 2011

It Always Looks Worse Before It Looks Better....

Morning my lovelies!! How was your weekend?

Today we are having our long awaited floors down upstairs, we are having laminate that looks like white-washed boards to replace a moth eaten carpet, a carpet Mr G put down (inexpertly!!) and badly painted boards (in the boys room).

We spent virtually the whole of yesterday clearing out our room and the sewing room and cramming it in the boys rooms and bathroom. This is what the boys room looks like this morning:

My wedding dress to the right....

You can just see Dolly (my duct tape dress-form) there to the right....

We have had a restless nights sleep, not sure why although the room is cold feeling and echo-y and the bed was very creaky (due to no carpet? Hope it's not going to be like that with the laminate). Our room looks like this:

Although the boards in our room are nice enough to paint the rest aren't hence the laminate....

While we're looking at pics of our room do you think we need a cream/white bed? I have my eye on the lovely chunky metal ones at Feather And Black. 

And should I take the plunge and paint the wardrobe? I bought it BC (Before Children) when I still worked (I worked for Zurich and on some anniversary or other of theirs they gave every employee £1000 bonus!!) and have always resisted painting it because it is nice waxed pine, but it is looking a tad orange these days and I do so love my painted furniture....

The sewing room:

Complete with our flooring man!!

Tomorrow we are having the boys room and the bathroom done so this evening we have to move everything back and then clear out the boys room!!

I'll leave you with a big hint as to what we are having in the bathroom:

Check back soon for a 200 follower (I can hardly believe it!!)  giveaway!!


S x


  1. Hello lovely. I like the bed like that and I have seen more dark ones recently. I also like the wardrobe, but painted is good too. I think if your dream room requires changing them, then go for it! I love your wallpaper. It's all going to look really gorgeous. But it is rather gorgeous already.
    I like the sound of those hairdos you mentioned. I think I need to be a bit more adventurous and less boring!

  2. Oh dear, yes you are right it always has to get worse before it then looks amazing at the end!

    Do I spy Cath Kidston flooring in that bathroom pic? If it is lucky you, very nice indeed!

    Yes I think you should paint your wardrobe, I'm sure you will make a great job of it and will finish your room off very nicely. We have laminate in our son's room and it did make a difference especially with more noise coming through the floor when we are downstairs! You'll also have to make sure your bed doesn't slide around too ;) Looking forward to the after pics!

  3. God I'd love that CK flooring in my bathroom but the kids splash wayyyyyyy too much and despite what they say I know it would start to swell at the joins. Don't tell me it wont because Mr C wouldn't let me have it anyway and at least my practical side keeps me from lusting after it if I think it would be ruined with in a year.

    Spray paint your bed!

    Paint your wardrobe. AS paint just washes off if you change your mind in years to come.

    Hope you sleep well tonight.


  4. Looking forward to seeing your whitewashed laminate boards. I saw some last week and have been thinking about them ever since! I wanted them in the kitchen but after having a burst pipe in the hall last week I am thinking about perhaps having them out there.
    Love the CK floor too.

  5. We have laminate everywhere, nowadays they put an underlay which absorbs the sound. I would paint the wardrobe . You have done such wondrous makeovers on other furniture do it for yourself!

  6. Haha..I had to have a little chuckle at Ali's comment about the bed sliding around on the new laminate flooring!
    It all looks very hectic in your house right now, I wonder where the boys are having to sleep!
    I like Cuckoo's idea about spray painting the bed, I think maybe it would look nice in a lighter colour.
    Yes! Paint your wardrobe..! I'd love to see what you end up doing to it. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  7. Oh, hon. Well done on the big 200!!
    Love these shots of your house pre-flooring!!
    How exciting- it will be lovely.

  8. yeah, it's hard work when it's in progress, but how fab once it's done. It's going to look gorgeous.
    We just had a wood floor put in the hallway, and it was surprisingly mess free. Now we're just waiting for the carpet to be put down on the stairs and landing. Still waiting for the date for that.


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