Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Daffodils!! And more Fugly-To-Fabulous....

Hello my lovely ladies (and gentlemen if there are any of you reading)!!

I have treated myself (with Mr G's money) to my first daffs of the year:

Milo looking shifty in the background....

Also in the background you can see my new crochet cushion - it was another WIP that was meant to be a blanket but as always I got bored and turned it into a cushion. I'd love a pile of gorgeous crochet blankets but alas I don't have the staying power!!

I've now started a giant granny square in the hopes that if I do at least one round a day in a couple of months or so I'll have a blanket!!

I was also busy on Sunday and Monday Fugly-To-Fabulous-ing - remember this dated headboard?

Here she is now:

Then there was the side table/trolley thingy:

And now:

I used vintage decal transfers from eBay to add a bit of interest to the corners.

And finally,  a little bow-fronted chest of drawers which had the "Paris Grey" treatment:

Please ignore the painty floor!! The beauty of this paint is it cleans up so easily which is just as well as I paint in the house - I hope to have a big shed in my future!!

My other news is I have ordered an iPad, so hopefully I will be back to commenting on your blogs soon - I am still reading, but commenting on my phone is hopeless!!

Enjoy the rest of the week....


S x


  1. Wowswer, Sarah, your transformations are bloody brilliant. I love the bedside table/trolly thing soooooooo much.

    Yay, you're getting an ipad. I'm more than pleased with mine. Love it, in fact. The only trouble I have is that our wifi keeps cutting out usually in the middle of me commenting on someone's blog post. Annoying. xx

  2. wowza sarah, so beautiful and well done- love the way you turn old things into new delightful , shabby chic heaven ;0)x love the first piccy very much little milo looking at you through the daffs ;0) cute as cute can be xx

  3. Wow amazing u r such a clever girly xxx

  4. The headboard looks completely gorgeous and I am in Love with the table/trolley. The transfers just 'make' it, I want it!! haha

    Exciting about the ipad, you'll have to bring it with you when I see you next so I can see what all the fuss is about! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  5. You've been busy!
    Like the floral treatment to the trolley.

    Sandie xx

  6. I love it all! I am so going to start to paint up things.I love your bookcase with wall paper on is that easy to do.Lesley x

  7. Love the trolly thingy!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. I love your furniture makeovers Sarah, they're all fab! My list of items to sand and paint just gets longer, i never seem to have the time or space with the littlies. I bought myself some daffs today as well, they're so bright and cheerful :) xxx


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