Monday, 20 February 2012

We're So Rock & Roll!!....

Hello all - how was your weekend?

We have been very rock and roll this weekend:

We got 2 x jigsaws and 2 x board games for £4.00 at our local charity shop on Friday and started this one on the coffee table - it's very addictive and I find I can't leave the thing alone!! Mr G and I were sat in our nightwear doing it until lunchtime on Saturday morning!! What a pair of saddos, eh?!!

Saturday was weigh in day - I haven't gone on about here on my blog but since the second week of January Mr G and I have been doing Weightwatchers online. Mr G lost over a stone in the first few weeks but I have struggled and only lost 7lb - then over the last two weeks I gained 3lb!! 

So last week I was really good, the only naughty thing that passed my lips was a piece of Victoria sponge at my friends and I got on the scales with high hopes - only to find I had stayed the same!! So after dieting for about 6 weeks I have only lost 4lb!!

Mr G's weight loss has slowed down and he has been moaning, which does my head in as if I had lost a stone AND THEN stayed the same I wouldn't be bloody complaining!!

So, to "drown our sorrows" W and I made this:

And yummy it was too.

We've had a few "heated debates" this weekend here at Shabby Chic HQ over the use of the PC and xBox - H is 13 (14 in June) and has always been pretty obsessed with electronic devices but it's getting to a point now where it is affecting family life. We have always tried to limit it to a couple of hours a day but for at least the last few years H has had no interest at all in anything other than the PC/xBox - when he is not on the PC he mopes about complaining he has nothing to do and makes a nuisance of himself by winding up his younger brother.

H doesn't want to leave the house even to do nice things (he recently kicked off about going swimming and the cinema because he'd rather stay at home).

We worry he is properly addicted and have not been sure what the right thing to do is, he doesn't make friends easily and we realise that todays teenagers are different even to what we were like as everything now is so orientated round technology - the way to interact with friends is by chatting via headset on the PC or xBox.

H has a couple of close friends and it's them he talks to though the PC/xBox so he is interacting with his friends that way - and in some ways I'd prefer that to the hanging on the street corners thing - whenever he is on the PC he's chatting to his best friend about the game they are playing together.

So on Sunday in the spirit of Doing More Exercise And Things As A Family we packed some sandwiches and set of to the Hayling Billy Trail which is a disused railway line that runs the length of Hayling Island adjacent to the shore. 

The boys took their bikes and Mr G and I had a nice walk. We stopped down a bank to eat our lunch as the wind coming off the sea was bitter!!:

Over the bank behind there is the sea - for some reason I didn't take any pics of it!!

How many Jack Russell's can you see?

The dogs don't often go on proper walks, they get to free range at the stables when I go to play with my horses and we throw balls for them in my field so it was all a bit new for them. Daisy had to stay on the lead for much of it as she is not good with other dogs - she's all bark and no bite & she's certainly never hurt another dog but many owners get snotty with us if she does it when she's loose. 

On the way back Milo was ready to go home and even stopped asking us to throw his ball - he just pottered along ahead of us carrying it in his mouth:

"I know the car is up here somewhere...."

Crafty wise I have been plodding on with the patriotic quilt for the boys but I fear I have bitten off more than I can chew - the design is a sampler quilt with each block different but even though I took care when cutting out I am having trouble getting the seams to match and it's a bit of a bodge which is making me Not Want To Do It Anymore.

So, that was our weekend - what have you been up to? I hope you had a good one....


S x


  1. pretty photos! i counted 2 dogs. was i wrong?

  2. Diets are pants aren't they. I keep trying but I like food too much. That cake looks DELISH.

    Know what you mean about teens on XBoxes etc. My stepson was playing on the XBox all day on Sunday and he says that's all he does at home too - I don't mind too much but I imagine it worries his Mum a bit. Like you say though, at least they aren't on street corners and making mischief in the towns.

    Nicki xx

    PS Giveaway at mine! Please join in! xxx

  3. Don't give up on the quilt just because the seams don't match up. Even the most expert quilters have that problem. It makes the quilts unique to you.

    I am with you on the games thing. Miss Fairy loves her Sims games and gets quite cross when you ask her to switch oiff for a while. It's not got to the addict stage though and I can still get her to do other things.

    Have a lovely week. Dev x

  4. Hello,

    I am new to your blog but you have so many pretty pictures and furniture that you have made so pretty! I thought it would be rude not to say hello.

    Hang in there on the quilt although I am one to talk, and get a bit cranky if things dont go how I think they should in craft projects.

    I can understand your fears with electronic games etc! My eldest is obbsessed with all things game related and it really does not help when she has a daddy that is equally besotted the wretched things. She is only just eight so we can limited her time on them at the mo but I rather dread to imagine that things will get a lot more tricky as she gets older. She wants to do Karate at the mo so hopefully if she has another interest she might not get too bad the older she gets. I can only hope one gamer in the house is one to many I think! lol.

    Sorry for the long comment.I have a tendency to ramble! Ooops

    MBB x

  5. That pink bowl to the left of that yummdumptious looking cake is pulling at my heart strings. Is it still available in the shops? Where's it from?

    No doubt my 3 lads will be computer adorers when they get older so I'm making the most of them being feral garden beasts!

    Now then. The diet. So in six weeks you have lost 4lbs over all. I imagine you may have gained a pound if you'd not been dieting. In 6 further weeks, if you carry on 'being good' you'll have lost 8lbs. In a years time you will have lost 32 llbs. That's over two stones. Imagine if you had started this a year ago. You'd be 2 - 4 dress sizes smaller.....what I'm saying is that you must just keep trying. Review the diet, weigh everything, write everything down. If you fall off the wagon get back on. One slip up during the day doesn't write the entire day off, don't go breaking into a packet of biccies. Also don't forget you are a woman and your water levels will fluctuate. I know I am preaching but you can do this. I think the key is to stop seeing food as the reward and the punishment. Go and do some hand sewing when the nibbles come on!! Paint your nails! Pluck your eyebrows! Just keep going. You are so gorgeous just as you are but you aren't happy, that's the only reason I'm encouraging you to keep trying.

    Have we any further thoughts about meeting up?

    Jigsaws. Ahhhhhh. I used to love jigsaws but I always have other things I want to do more. Maybe when my boys don't need me so much I'll dig my old favs out.


  6. Hi Sarah,I had the exact same worries with My boy,a sign of the times I think.He s nearly 18 now and says well at least its kept me out of trouble,so I cant argue there ,can I? Well done with the diet,Its so hard isnt it?Whenever hubby diets the weight just falls off,so unfair! I ve been trying and failing miserably this year,I've got high blood pressure so really need to get my arse in gear,just cant face it,I love my food to much :( I keep thinking a walk would do good,so maybe I'll give this a go, your day out looks so lovely.have a great weekend,juliex


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