Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wanties - Fulfilled and Created....

Hello all, have you been having a nice weekend?

I've been playing with my new toy which I love, love, love already!!:

My laptop has been playing up and so I sold everything that wasn't nailed down on eBay to raise money for an iPad and found a new one for a bargain price (with full Apple warranty) and so didn't have to wait too long at all. 

Mr G bought me the pink cover as an early Valentines gift- it's a Tuff-Luv and you are meant to be able to throw your iPad out of a second floor window (there's a video of them doing so on their website) and not damage it!! Great for people with "slapdash-a-rea" like me.

Of course, me being me no sooner than one wantie is fulfilled than another one takes it's place - thanks to Homebird I am now hankering after a polka dot retro leather satchel from Zatchels *rollseyes*

As you can also see from the piccie above my daffs are now in full bloom:

They smell lovely too, subtle, but very much the scent of spring.

I thought I would show you my current crochet WiP too, a giant granny square which I hoping will get big enough to be a blanket (it's too big to be turned into a cushion now!!):

It's just done in good old Stylecraft DK and I am trying to do a couple of rounds each evening in front of the TV.

I'm sat here smelling like a bonfire because we had a go at the garden today. We are not gardeners, but in the last few years have become a little more interested and this is the time of year that we pull the dead stuff out of the front garden and borders.

Mr G did his caveman thing and lit a bonfire in our bin thingy hence the smell - it so remind me of my late Dad, he had a big tweedy pink "gardening jumper" that my Nanna had knit him and it (and he) often smelt of woodsmoke on winter weekends as he spent much of his time in the large garden of the house I grew up in. Smells are soooo evocative....

What have you been up to this weekend?


S x


  1. I have been studiously ignoring my garden. I'm hoping that it will shrink if I don't look at it. I can't manage it, I need some help. I must advertise....

    Look at that granny square. Lovely! I'm in the middle of a pair of socks. Cor I feel proud.

    Think I need one of those ipad covers, the baby likes to chuck mine around and the CK one I have is shredded.


  2. Great photos and I like your iPad cover!!

    Painted first coat of my rocking chair today. There are a few drips but I reckon I can sand them off before the next, final, coat. What do you reckon?

    Lovely granny - aren't they satisfying?!


  3. What a lovely treat! The blanket is looking lovely, I have one on the go too plus a granny square cushion cover. I love the smell of bonfires, it does have a comforting reminder for me of the seasons. This weekend we were decorating and bits n bobs. Enjoying my newly decorated studio too. Blessings Niki x

  4. lush blanket must attempt crochet again failed last time , yes the smell of bonfires reminds me of my dad he always lit them summer evenings love the smell still (unless someone lights them when have washing out )take care sarah xx

  5. Oh, I am so with you on the Zatchels red polka dot - I was lusting after them on their website just yesterday!!

    Hooray for your new ipad - and a bigger hooray for that cover! Will you try out the throwing from the second floor?!!



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