Monday, 6 February 2012

Posh Tea Towels....

Hello all!! I hope you have had a lovely weekend and kept wrapped up out of the cold?

We didn't do a great deal, nipped into our local town, painted furniture, did the horses - the usual stuff so I haven't a whole lot to report.

Recently I was asked by All Tea Towels to review a couple of the gorgeous tea towels they stock. 

I perused the website which has some fab designs (a couple of my faves being this, this and this one) and spent an age trying to decide which ones to go for.

In the end I chose the Queens Diamond Jubilee Tea Towel:

And the Cassandra Flowers:

I loved the CK'esque vibe the two of them have going on.

They arrived the day after I ordered them and I eagerly opened the package:

I've never had such posh tea towels....

My first impressions were how lovely and big they are, and much better quality than our usual cloths (which are a sorry collection of very elderly and cheap ones).

The flowered one is pure linen and has a very open weave:

This one had to be soaked in the washing up bowl before use and over the first few washes it'll get softer and more absorbent.

So it was time to put them to good use, each was used for a couple of days and were lovely to use, they are large and absorbent and their good looks made me smile!!
They've now been washed and came out of the dryer barely needing an iron (I have better things to do than iron tea towels so they were not getting a press whether they needed it or not, it's just nice that they look good without!!):

There was little or no shrinkage either.

So in conclusiion, although at £6.50 each these tea towels are more expensive than I would usually spend, I have found that having used them and had them hung on the range they are far nicer than our usual sorry suspects.

I would definitely recommend All Tea Towels if you wanted to treat yourself to some lovely tea towels or buy a gift. 

I think a good idea would be to buy one or two a month from there until you have a pretty collection to replace your sad ones.

And of course, there are some really lovely vintage and retro looking ones which would great in a frame as wall art.

I have a stack of furniture to finish now so I will be back soon with some Fugly-To-Fabulous pics for you....


S x

PS  I ignored Mr G when he said that as I was reviewing tea towels I could say how well they burned as I set fire to at least one cloth a week!!....

(Although I was offered these products for review, the opinions above are 100% my own).


  1. they really are cute towels, & your mr. g, really is funny. :)

  2. I really need some new tea towels but I hate them wrinkled!!! I love ironing tea towels, they are so simple and rewarding!

    Chop chop with the fugly to fab then! :)

    I bought some Annie Sloan paint at the weekend and am ready to starting my rocking chair. Do you think one tin is enough?

    Sorry for typos, stupid iPad and can't be bovved to fx them, my iPad doesn't like it xxxxx

  3. Gorgeous tea towels, and Mr G is VERY cheeky. :)
    Anne xx

  4. They look lovely, I really like pretty tea towels. Blessings Niki x


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