Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hello my lovelies - are you having a good weekend?

Grandma and Granddad have taken the boys out to Pizza Hut and the cinema and so Mr G and I have been enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.

We went up to the stables and on the way back past the farmhouse I made Mr G stop so I could hop out and take some pics of the snowdrops in the front garden - they are soooooo pretty:

I'm hoping they might be around next month when we (hopefully)  get our fancy pants DSLR camera so I can take some better pictures.

I remember last year about this time Country Living magazine had a list of gardens and stately homes where you could go to see carpets of snowdrops, crocuses and other spring flowers - I've had a Google and not found that but did find this list of snowdrop walks, none near us though.

What have you been up to this week? Did you have pancakes?

My sister, niece and nephew came round and we had a pancake-fest:

E particularly enjoyed hers I think!!

I had melted dark chocolate, banana, coconut and squirty cream in my two pancake. Weightwatchers or no Weightwatchers I wasn't missing out (and ironically even after indulging today's weigh showed I lost 1lb for the first time in 3 weeks!!)

I've been getting on with the patriotic quilts for H & W - you'll recall I had gone off doing them because I couldn't get the seams to line up perfectly, but I took all your comments on board (thanks so much, blogging rocks!!)  and totally agree that it's better for the boys to have wonky quilts handmade by their mother than none at all!! Will wait until they're finished to show you, I got the wadding yesterday and have about four more blocks to do before I can start assembling the tops.

Did anyone see The One Show yesterday? There was a piece about the Clandestine Cake Club - basically these are clubs around the country where cake lovers meet once a month or so - each person brings a cake (it must be a large homemade cake, no pies, tarts or cupcakes allowed) and these are shared with tea or coffee and at the end of the afternoon everyone takes a piece of each cake home. 

When the clubs are smallish (say up to six members or so) they meet in each others homes, but if they get bigger they arrange to meet in coffee shops at quiet times on the basis that the cafe will earn from the drinks you buy.

It sounds fab, but having had a look at the website there are none in Hampshire so I am going to email them about starting one - if anyone nearby wants to join in (I thought you might Ashley?) then drop me a line.

Anyway, that's all for now - I'm sat here thinking I've gone deaf because the boys are still at the pictures!!


S x


  1. It looks like your pancakes went down a treat! I like the idea of clandestine cake club, shame you didn't live closer to me I would have joined you!
    Kandi x

  2. Lovely pics of the snowdrops, I love the signs that spring is on it's way!
    Your pancakes sound amazing... we didn't have fresh cream but we did have nutella and banana. Rose needed a bath after all the mess!!
    The cake club sounds amazing! My cakes wouldn't be good enough though and it wouldn't help me lose any weight!! haha

    Ashley xxx

  3. Hi sweetheart, hope you the lovely Mr G had a great time with peace and quiet. How lovely. We RARELY get that so really appreciate it when we do.
    Loving the pancake pics, I totally forgot to take pics. I made 14 pancakes, was sick of them by the end!!!
    That cake club sounds awesome doesn't it. Shame I don't live a week bit closer. Good luck with it.
    Lots of love x x x x

  4. Love that photo of E with her chocolate chops. We have Hodsock Hall near us where there is a snowdrop walk - guess what i have never been. It is one of those places where I think 'yep I'll do that' and by the time I think yep today the snowdrops are all gone and I have missed it for another year.

  5. I love snowdrops, I saw some on a day out on Saturday - there's a picture on my latest post

  6. Pity I am in Kent because a cake club would be right up my street right now. Could do with a large slab of choccy cake to cheer me up. I am glad that you are persevering with the boys quilts, it will be so worth it in the end. Have a lovely week. Dev x


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