Thursday, 16 February 2012

Is There Anything More Amusing Than A Wet Cat? And Other Musings....

Bear had to have a bath - he was NOT impressed AT ALL:

He was absolutely FURIOUS - he's such a lovely, easygoing, demonstrative cat that it was all the more powerful when he Refused To Purr Or Even Look At You.

The reason for this indignity was he had got himself covered in saddle soap. I brought one of my saddles home to clean and somehow he managed to get saddle soap suds on him which had set hard. Of course he then had to have a shampoo to get them off in case he licked it and made himself sick. 

What have you been up to this week? It's been half term but as the boys are 11 and 13 they are no trouble at all (apart from arguing when we tell them to come off the PC/xBox and Do Something Else of course).

I painted a chest of drawers on Monday - duck egg this time:

We didn't do anything special on Valentines Day - no money :0( - we did exchange cards:

I made Mr G's card on my sewing machine!!

Mr G bought me a pink iPad cover and I treated us to a Chinese takeaway but we had that on Saturday as that's our "naughty" food day.

Yesterday I went to see my friend Ashley & her daughter Rose from Country Rose - we had a lovely lunch and a natter and today when I was looking at my phone I had to chuckle when I found this:

Bless!! Rose had taken a picture of herself when she played with my phone as her Mum and I nattered!!

Today I rode my horse (well one of my horses) for the first time in a year. For one reason or another I had/have kind of lost my horsey mojo and hadn't ridden but I now have a friend who rides my other horse so I was persuaded to go too.

I'm really glad I went even though I was nervous, King was a bit joggy (I bounced a few calories off I think!!) and we had an altercation with some cyclists - I'll be controversial here and say I dislike cyclists, not so much the regular commuters or people off to the shops but the be-lycra'd ones on bikes that cost more than your car. 

Two of these whizzed past my horse scaring him and causing him to jump which scared us both and then one of them had the nerve to have a go at me and my friend!! Bloomin' outrageous!!

What people forget is if it weren't for horses we'd still be in the dark ages (they would never have been carriages, travel beyond a few miles, no ploughing, no mail coaches, etc, etc, etc).

I'll get off my soapbox now!!

Hope you're all having a nice half term....


S x


  1. I wish more people would realise that that a bit of common courtesy goes a long way...they should know to slow down as they over take horses just as much as they would expect a car to slow down to overtake them.

    Well done for getting back in the saddle :)

  2. Poor Bear!
    I used to love the smell of saddle soap and the tack room at the stables I used as a teenager.
    Years later when I worked for a charity as one of the nurses, the place at the end of the driveway was a Livery stables. I had placed some cats here as 'rodent controllers', through the Cats' Protection, who I also worked for in voluntary capacity. Whenever I could, I used to pop around to the caravan in the yard (also the tack room), just to inhale 'horse' and saddle soap! Saddo 'ey?
    I love duck egg colour and the chest of drawers is gorgeous, especially with those knobs.

    I know what you mean about certain cyclists, even worse when there's a club race or outing!!!

    Take care, glad you're 'back in the saddle'!

    Sandie xx

  3. Oh your poor wet moggy - soggy cats do make me chuckle though. When I was much younger I had a poster called Bert's Bath - it was a black and white picture of a furious but hilarious looking cat who'd just emerged from the tub!!!

    Good for you, for getting back into the saddle (she says never having dared even touch a horse, let alone ride one). Cyclists drive me nuts. No apologies, they just do.


  4. What a flattering photo Rose took of herself! haha Quite clever how she managed to unlock the phone by herself though!
    That chest of drawers is Gorgeous! I love the colour.. anything duck egg is going to be a favourite of mine! :-)
    The card you made for Mr G is gorgeous, very clever!
    Sorry to hear you had some trouble on your ride but it's good to be back in the saddle though!

    Ashley xxx

  5. I loooooove that chest!!

    There is an award for you over at my year of 30 blog xx

  6. How funny because Hector Dog will find himself in the same position later when I get home from work. He smothered himself in something unmentionable yesterday actually and I tried cleaning him up without chucking him in the bath. Alas, this morning we still have to stand downwind of's the bath after all. Shush!!...he doesn't know yet....but he will bless him! Dev x


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