Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bath And Bad Teeth!!

Hello my lovelies!!

The menfolk of the house are in engrossed in "Battleship" which is very definitely a Boys Movie and so I thought I would sneak in a blog post.

How's your week been? We had the third thing break (remember the toilet flush broke and then the fridge freezer) when on Tuesday while eating dinner I managed to crack my tooth in half!!

It's needed re-filling for years and I've been ignoring the dentist as I didn't like the thought of her having to dig the old filling out, so I was a bit sheepish when I had to phone her for an emergency appointment.

I took my Mum for moral support as I am a wuss and my dentist (who is just lovely) gave me lots of anaesthetic and managed to repair the tooth. Of course I was then numb for hours, hence a slightly lopsided smile:

Yesterday, Mum and I went to Bath for the day. Mum and her friend M go on lots of trips out and they had booked a coach trip to Bath as M had never been, unfortunately she couldn't make it and so Mum asked me to go with her.

I must confess, though I really fancied a day in Bath I didn't much fancy the coach part - I don't really do coaches as if anyone became travel sick I would go mental!! But with Mum's assurances that if that should happen she would stand on the side of the road with me while we rang Mr G to collect us off we set.

The weather was pretty grim as we arrived but we decided to do the truly British thing and Make The Best Of It.

And that is how we found ourselves on the top deck of an open top bus, in the rain, under a (very flimsy, Poundland) umbrella:

The bus motored round the town and we took in the beautiful buildings:

Afterwards the weather brightened up and we pottered round the shops for awhile and then stopped to have something to eat in The Pump Rooms:

Now my Mum clearly remembers a lovely day she had with my Dad years ago when he surprised her with lunch out at The Pump Room's (you'll remember my Mum and Dad were divorced, but of course that doesnt mean Mum doesnt still have very fond memories) and she became tearful.

And I was overcome with how beautiful it was, how English and how lucky I was to be there with my lovely Mum that I joined her and also burst into tears - much to the bemusement of the maitre'd!!

We sat there for a moment while we waited to be seated at our table and Mum told me about how Dad had surprised her when the pianist began playing a very familiar melody - the aria from "Madame Butterfly" which had been one of Dad's favourites and it almost felt like he was there....

We were soon guided to our table and giggled about how we should have been dressed in empire line gowns in the manner of Jane Austen (who of course lived in Bath):

Love this photo of my Mum!!
Naturally, as it was mid-afternoon we ordered afternoon tea:

I admired the beautiful chandelier:

Afterwards we had a peep at the Roman Baths (but didn't pay to look around properly as everything was so expensive!!):

Soon it was time to meet the coach but not before I picked my way through the streets barefoot because my shoes were rubbing and my Mum managed to fall over!!

The coach was a bit of a drag on the way back as the seats were so uncomfortable but we returned home tired, happy and with lots of new memories of Bath....


S x


  1. Lindos momentos:)
    beijinhos e muitas felicidades

  2. I love Bath - we have stayed there a few times. Last time we were there we did the tourists bits but normally we would just wonder aimlessly around the streets and the shops. Did you go to the Jane Austin Museum on Queens Square?

    I too hate dentists, I go for my six monthly check just really to stay registered with our dental surgery and hope nothing is drastically wrong so I don't have to go back!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. That photo of your Mum is a winner for sure.

    I love open top bus tours. They are so informative. It's great being a proper tourist.


  4. Hi Sarah,I loved sharing your day in Bath,lovely piccies of Your Mum and You,We love going to Bath,but have never eaten in the Pump rooms,We must do that next time,it looks gorgeous.take care love juliex

  5. Bath is one of mine and my husbands favourite places to stay, just a shame it's a bit too far to travel to in a day so we have to stay overnight....not that we're complaining! Glad the dentist visit went ok, I share your dentist fears although my dentist is lovely and very gentle and puts me at ease x

  6. Oooh lucky you. I've never been to Bath but it's on my places to visit list.

    Looks like you had a fab time and your tea looked scrummy. How does it compare to Betty's in York?

    Ruby x

  7. Bath is such a beautiful city- I haven't been for yonks.
    The Pump room looks gorgeous too, as does the afternoon tea - yumyumyum!
    Hope your tooth's on the mend now, my lovely.

  8. Hi Sarah - firstly congratulations on the opening of your etsy shop!! You are a very talented lady and I think you'll do well - maybe you could add your lovely painted signs too - I would buy one I've seen you blog about before!! I can't believe you were at the pump rooms - literally 24 hrs before me and my husband!! We went to celebrate our ten yr wedding anniv. It was wonderful and I'm going to blog about it next week but it'd have been even more special to spy you amongst the other people and introduce myself!! (mind you that might be a tad scary for you and your mum eh?!) Anyhow, I love your embroidery and am sure you'll do well, J9 x

  9. I missed this post love!!! Do you know I used to live in Bath city centre for about three years?! It was amazing. All my family are 20 mins drive away.
    You look gorgeous and so does your mum.
    Hope you had a lovely time. Give me a couple of weeks and you must come over!!
    x x x


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