Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Musings....

Hello all!! Have you had a nice weekend?

On Thursday, just after the engineer delivered his verdict on our fridge freezer (more about that in a mo) I got a surprise package in the post:

Isn't it wrapped beautifully?
Inside was this:
It's from the lovely Cuckoo over at Tales From Cuckoo Land (I've tried to do a linky but Blogsy is being a pain, Google it, it's a lovely blog, written by a lovely lady) - she had seen the book and remembered how I was excited to be getting a meerkat from Compare The Meerkat. How thoughtful is that? I was so chuffed, it really made my day.

We spent yesterday clearing the side of the house which had become a dumping ground for umpteen bikes and stuff that was waiting to go to the tip.

It needed to be done as today we had our new fridge freezer delivered - this is a really dull purchase because up until 11 days ago we had a perfectly good American style fridge freezer. Then we awoke to find it not working. It's four years old and cost a small fortune (Mr G's Mum and Dad had treated us when we had the kitchen done) so we were not best pleased.

I called Samsung and they said it had a five year guarantee on this, that and the other but naturally after waiting a week for the engineer it was none of those things that had gone and they wanted £325 to fix it. The engineer said as it also seemed "low on gas" it wasn't worth it.

So we have had to fork out £550 for a new fridge freezer and are actually worse off as this one is a basic model whereas the old one was all singing and dancing. We had to get another American style one as the wall to the side is not plastered and so had we got a (much cheaper) regular freezer the bodged up wall would have been on display.

We've just switched it on and I must confess, dull as it it, I am delighted to have a fridge again!! How people managed before they were a common household feature is beyond me. We have had to buy meals just a couple of hours before cooking them (I won't leave anything out of the fridge for more than a couple of hours due to my vomit phobia!!) and haven't had a cold drink in over a week!!

This weekend I've also been working on my sunburst blanket:

It's a pattern from "The Gentle Art Of Knitting" by Jane Brocket (though it's crochet obviously!!) in Debbie Bliss Amalfi. The little squares are soooooo therapeutic to do, in fact I think it may well be the first blanket I actually finish ( and don't just get bored with and turn into a cushion!!)

I also recently finished a machine embroidery of MIL & FIL's little bungalow for MIL's birthday:

If anyone would like an embroidery doing of their home, I am thinking of taking commissions - initially I'll just charge a nominal amount for materials as I want to practice. If you fancy one then leave a comment or click on "Contact Me" in the header bar to email.

Finally, a reminder to come and play at Shabby Chic Sarah's own forum/message board - we have 10 members and a few conversations on the go, but the more the merrier!!

The URL is: - come and join us!!


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  1. Hello!!

    That looks like such a fun book : ) So sweet of cuckoo!!

    Your croche is looking fab. I love the colours! What kind of wool are you using?

    Gemma x (gemma_gld from IG)

  2. What a bloody good idea to do commissions. I can see that being popular, you just need to advertise yourself well.

    Glad you like the book. I always think of you at the mere (pun!) mention of meerkats now.


  3. Aw, what a lovely pressie to receive from Cuckoo! Knitted Meerkats eh? Genius.
    LOVE your granny squares- I'm making some, too and you're right, they are so therapeutic!
    Already joined your forum, so gold star for me.
    Have a super week.

  4. Lovely crafty stuff! My daughter is into meerkats in a big way! I post with Blogsy too, never seen anyone else post with it. It's simple for me ( not technically minded!) how do you back up your posts? Thanks Ada :)

  5. Your machine embroidery is beautiful, and I'm sure the inlaws will be chuffed to bits with it! X

  6. Pants on your fridge/freezer breaking down. Let's hope it's not the start of other things going wrong. They seem to happen in 3s.

    Your blanket squares look lovely. The only minus sign is all those ends to weave in. Bummer.

    Those meercats look really cute. I bet you can't wait to get cracking on them.

    Ruby x

  7. Oh Sarah, I'd so love an embroidery of my house. I will email you as well just to make sure. Just let me know what you need me to do.

  8. Hi Sarah

    Your embroidery is fantastic - you clever lady!! I would be VERY interested in having one done of our home for my hallway - please let me know if you have time and the cost and I'd be a very happy customer :-) xxx

  9. Hi - my house is a bit of an odd shape (photo on my blog). Do you think that it would ake a suitable subject? Thanks, helen

  10. Pain in the bum about the fridge freezer, but loving the machine embroidered pic x


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