Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification?

I don't know about you but I am the type who when I want something, I want it now.

I have never been a patient sort. When I get the wanties I have to resist the terrible urge to pop the said item (be it fabric, craft goodies or homeware) on the credit cards. And sometimes that's what I do. And of course when shopping online it's a good idea to use a credit because of the extra protection it provides.

However, an advantage of becoming a lover of all things vintage is that the majority of places where you find little gems - car boot sales, antique fairs and charity shops - just don't take cards. And so a side effect is that as well as the house becoming a warm, welcoming place full of things we love is that our finances have benefitted.

I currently have the wanties for this bag!!

I'm even angling for Mr G to get me a lovely piece of vintage jewellery or a 1940's watch for my 40th birthday pressie (I'm 40 in September!! 40!! How did that happen?!!) so that's something he is saving for.

Mr G was 40 last year and we got him a Tag Heuer watch (something he had always wanted) so I had to save for that which I found h-a-r-d!! He was delighted though so it was well worth it.I think we are all either a saver or a splurger and we are most definitely the latter - ideally you need one or two savers in a relationship or else your finances are doomed, unfortunately Mr G and I both splurgers!!

My Sis is definitely a saver, as kids I remember she had a little red cash tin and she'd count her pennies over and over whilst mine are long since spent - you must just be born one way or another.

Which means my hopelessness with money must be genetic!!

What are you? A saver or a splurger? Come on, 'fess up!!


S x

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


  1. I'm a splurger! Can't save and like you, when I want, I want it now! I can't help with that particular bag but I have a bag giveaway over on my blog that I'll be choosing a winner for later today. Feel free to pop over and enter. I hope you get that bag on your dreams in September! X

  2. Nice bag! I just got a new one from Kath kidson so yummy fabric and bag in one! Hope your B'day wishes come true lol xx

  3. I'm a good saver too, but do love a splurge on vintage lovelies! Ada :)

  4. Hi love,
    I am neither. I literally couldn't tell you when I last splurged!!!!! But I don't save either. I merely thrift.
    In what way is the blind sponsored? By credit cards?
    I am frequently asked to promote things on my blog but have so far declined. How does it work?
    I guess I am concerned that I will have to talk about products in a way I wouldn't normally choose to. Hmmmmm.
    Think will carry on in me own little world and reassess some time.
    X x

  5. I'm a splurger ....with No credit card. I don't think I could trust myself with one! I can't save, if I have money it burns a hole in my pocket and I have to spend it. I do like to treat others though, its always more fun x


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