Sunday, 5 August 2012

Zakynthos 2012 Part Four - Out & About, Cont'd....

I managed to nab Mr G's laptop so I can continue to tell you about our trips out whilst on our hols.

We ventured out one day to visit Porto Vromi - the most difficult beach on the island to reach - it was doable by car but it was pretty hair-raising up and down hair pin bends and across some pretty desolate, almost lunar landscape.

The island although small, had distinct areas of very different scenery - the north where we were was very lush and green with lots of olive groves, across the west side was barren and volcanic looking and the middle was very rural with countryside, hay fields and farms.

Porto Vromi is famed for its clear waters, the picture in the guide book made it look as though the boats were floating in mid-air it was so clear.

It was also tiny, with no sun umbrellas, so we just stayed long enough to take a swim:

One evening towards the end of our holiday we set out in search of the lookout point for the famous Navagio Beach - home to a shipwrecked smugglers boat. The beach is only accessible by boat so the only other way to see it is via the lookout point:

We took the opportunity to get a passer-by to take a group photo:

Even though it was about 7.00pm in the evening when we visited it was sooooo hot!! We're glad we went "out of hours" as the viewing platform was only tiny and had it been crowded there would have been queueing:

Nannie with the boys....

I took advantage of the beautiful backdrop to take some pics of H and W:

The view was indeed breathtaking:

The visit to the shipwreck was one of my favourites, it really was sooooo beautiful and on the way back we came around a corner to see this:



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  1. Wow, you have some awesome photos, and looks like you had a great time! I have enjoyed your pics so much. :)

  2. Oh those pics of the boys together are GORGEOUS!!! Truly one to get framed I think (if you haven't already!)
    How lovely they look.
    That Navagio beach looks like heaven. My ideal perfect beach (although was it not in the press a few weeks ago after a basejumper's jump went fatally wrong?!) I wouldn't be basejumping, I'd be soaking up the sun and loving the colour of that sea.
    Looks like an idyllic holiday and you all look very happy indeed.
    x x x x

  3. Your holiday snaps are fab. They make me want to go on holiday immediately! I am in need of some sun :)

  4. It looks a really beautiful place and your boys look like grea lads. Xx

  5. Seen that pick of the ship wreck so many times in broachers never for real though :0( more fabby photos though xx


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