Monday, 27 August 2012

Where Did This Week Go?

Blimey, it's been over a week since my last post and I don't know where the time has gone!!

There's only one week left of the summer holidays and we're then into September. Four weeks today I am 40!! I still can't believe I'm a grown up, I wonder now if I ever will?

Mr G has booked some sort of surprise, I've been hinting heavily about a long weekend away but as he hardly ever arranges anything I can't imagine what it is - he told my Mum and she told me "The boy done good - you'll definitely owe him"!!

So, what have I been up to this week? Well I did a bit of Fugly-To-Fabulous-ing and finished transforming a dowdy Stag chest of drawers and dressing table:

My sister came over and we took Little E up to the stables to have a little pootle on Crofter, my old boy (he's 31):

Little E has the horsey "gene" - I think the love of horses is genetic and you're born with it and after having two boys of my own who are not interested I am delighted that E loves them. I have been nagging my sister for YEARS to get E riding lessons but will really have to insist when E turns 7 next year as that is the age that I learnt to ride.

We took Crofter for a pootle up the lane and Little E enjoyed every minute:

I have finished sewing together my sunbursts blanket but you'll have to wait until its finished now for the ta-dah, I've had to order (yet) more yarn to do the border!!

I have started an embroidery that I found in a book from the library called "More Embroidered Garden Flowers" by Diana Lampe - it's such a lovely book I've bought a copy from Amazon:

On Friday I got my nails done with Shellac - nail polish chips on me within 24hrs, regardless of the brand, base or topcoat and so when I found a local lady that does Shellac for £10 I thought I'd give it a try. So far it's holding up well:

Yesterday we went to see my Stepmum and little brother, we had a lovely lunch and borrowed one of my Dads fishing rods as W wants to have a go at beach fishing.

It was lovely to see my Stepmum and Step Granny and my little brother Jojo (he's 9) and H & W played really well together - its funny to think that Jojo is their uncle!!

So, that's all I have to report for now, hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend....


S x


  1. Hi, I'm Kim. I just wanted to say that your blog is lovely. :o) I love your sewing room and I have shared it on my facebook page as I know my readers will adore it.(www. I included links to your etsy shop and blog. :o) Hope that is okay. have a lovely evening. Best wishes, kim

  2. Wow! I absolutely love that embroidery I'm definitely going to check out that book on Amazon now! It sounds lovely!.

  3. Surprises, so exciting! The makeovers look great, dressing table and nails! Ada :)

  4. Hi Shabby Chic Sarah!

    I dropped in on your blog for the first time this evening and I'm hooked!

    It's lovely and totally inspiring.............hope you don't mind I'm sharing a link to your blog on my fb page.

    Like you, I too am outnumbered by males 3:1 so would sometimes love to escape to my own little work room - bliss! Alas it's not to be for the time being (unless I win the lottery and can afford a big house) so will have to admire/envy yours and dream a little.

    Can't wait to drop by for your next post.

    Thank you and best wishes Jules x

    PS. I've been getting Shellac done for at least the last 2 years on and off (but have to pay 3 times as much as you)I had a French Shellac done on Saturday morning, usually have colour but my nails grow out far too quickly so hope when they grow out this time it wont be so noticable until payday. The polish is perfect even after 3 weeks - I have to own up, I even do the gardening without gloves on and still no chips! Hope you like them even half as much as I like mine!

    1. Thank you for your kind words!!

      I'm loving the Shellac, a week now and still looks as good as new.....

      S x

  5. Oooh I had the shellac done for my holiday but made the ricket of letting my daughters talk me into a colour. (I'm a French Manicure girl.) It looked nice but I felt weird having this bright colour on my nails! It stayed on really well, but once it started growing up I couldn't resist having a little pick and ended up having to try and bite the lot off. Silly mare. The girl told me a hundred times not to try to get it off myself unless I used acetone but I didn't listen! My nails are ok underneath, a bit thin, but they're not my strongest point anyway. And I paid £20 and thought that was a bargain! Yours look lovely but heed my warning, don't be tempted to start picking and biting!
    Love the dressing table, by the way. I have a little (big) pile of stuff waiting to be painted but feel guilty about doing it when my house looks like a pigsty!

  6. As I've been loving your Embroidery so much I thought I'd have a look on Amazon for the book and the only ones I can find are £80!!! I am looking at the right book? I really want to do some embroidery so have been sorting my threads out and need to get some started.

  7. Wow, I've just checked and the one I ordered are all extortionate amounts!! The onei ordered cost about £7.00!!

  8. love the nails and thats a great price to!
    how sweet is crofter,bless him!he justs loves to go out still,its so lovely to see him so happy at such a ripe old age! x


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